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House hunting can be the epitome of irritation. Nobody wants to end up with a place that is run down or doesn’t fit their needs. This is where you are going to LIVE the next few years of your life (or at least one) and therefore, this isn’t a hunt to take lightly. Recently I’ve been doing a lot of house hunting and wasn’t having a lot of luck, so I turned to the internet gods and went on a search for some tools to help my hunt for shelter.

In my search I found four really valuable apps which I plan to consistently peruse on my tablet, keeping my eyes peeled for the best deals.

1. Trulia

Trulia is a great house hunting app that is clean, simple and to the point. Trulia has the most hits for my search which has a $1,000 gap in pricing, a measly 25 mile radius and the pet allowance. I also turned on the house filter because I really don’t want to move into an apartment (nothing against apartments, I just like my privacy). Trulia is designed  to make searching easy. It also allows you to draw an area you want to search in which is very helpful. One half of the search results screen is filled by a map and the other half shows the listings within the view of the map. This makes searching different areas of the map super easy. What I specifically like about Trulia are the map markers that make it easy to quickly read the prices which are a major decision factor for my search.

2. Zillow

Zillow’s app is built almost exactly like Trulia’s app, but the images on the right of the houses dominate the screen which only allows for four properties at most to show at one time on a full size tablet. Also, the pins on the map have the prices but often are abbreviated and are displayed in very small type. Zillow’s app also doesn’t allow you to “draw” an area to search within. I found the search result selection to be just a little less than Trulia’s, but Zillow did have some options that I didn’t find anywhere else.

3. Realtor.com

Interestingly, realtor.com’s app has the worst selection in my price range. Also its images for the houses are very small forcing me to look through each one to get a better look at a place. Realtor.com’s app does let you draw and it has a lot of options for searching that the others don’t emphasize, like square footage and amenities.


4. Craigslist

Although not a property searching app alone, Craigslist did have some benefits that I was surprised by. Since Craigslist is such a widespread classified style application, I did find many options for rental house here that I didn’t find on any of the other apps. The Craigslist app doesn’t have any map to search within and is very limited in what you can filter by, but you can discover some golden nuggets there that you’ll be happy to find.

What’s the best house hunting app?

After exploring all of the apps, Trulia stands out as the number one app in my book. But, to find that perfect home, I’d say using a combination of all of the apps is the best approach. Since each app has unique properties I was very glad to use them all to not miss a single available listing in my area. And I definitely don’t discount craigslist, it may be simple but due to its overwhelming popularity it lists places that don’t show up in any of the other apps (including the house I’m moving into!).

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