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I’ve been hearing about OtterBox cases for years from other bloggers. They’ve always had good things to say. Whenever someone asks for a case recommendation, OtterBox is sure to come up in every conversation. Often I’ll hear stories of phones or tablets dropping, falling, or flipping through the air and the story usually ends with “Soooo glad I had it in an Otterbox case.”

That’s why I thought I’d take a little time to look into Otterbox and see just what makes the company tick. I browsed around the site and learned so much that I decided to put together a list of my 5 favorite things about Otterbox.

Why Otterbox?
I always wondered why the company that made the cases I’d heard so much about was called Otterbox. Through the About Us section on the website I learned that the first protective cases made by the company were basically boxes. They were also waterproof which made them similar to an otter’s fur. The company founder and his wife like the fun and playful nature of otters so they combined the two and the name Otterbox was born.

Fun, Creative Work Environment
In keeping with the theme of the fun and creative nature of otters, the company headquarters provides an exciting and productive environment for staff and visitors. There are luxury offices as well as coffee bars, an interior slide, a massage room, a 400-gallon saltwater fish tank, over 150 built-in flat screen televisions, interior and exterior fireplaces, on site gym, an outdoor BBQ pit, and more. I love that they have a slide! What a fun way to blow off some steam and feel like a kid again!

Otters Are Playful & Helpful Too
The above subtitle is taken from the Giving Back section of the website. I found it heartwarming to learn that Otterbox is committed to the principle of “To whom much is given, much is expected.” The charitable arm of Otterbox, the OtterCares Foundation, was created in 2010. The foundation supports, improves, and gives back to the communities around them. They stand behind this belief by giving their employees 3 full days of paid volunteer time a year.

Our Kids Can Have As Much Fun With Our Devices As We Do
There are so many wonderful kid-friendly educational and fun apps out there that having an OtterBox case allows children to enjoy the devices without having to be constantly reminded to not leave it in crazy places, to be gentle with it, and to sit still while using it. As we all know asking kids to sit still when they are in the middle of an exciting game is like asking for the moon.Thanks to Otterbox cases our children can be fun and playful and parents can breathe a bit easier.

Otterbox Revealed The Toughest Case Ever
This year at CES, OtterBox revealed its toughest case ever, the Armor Series. It’s waterproof, dust proof, drop proof, and crush proof. The series of cases is a reinvention of the classic Otterbox case and offers 4 layers of protection. It can even tolerate submersion for 30 minutes in up to 6.6 feet of water! I know what’s at the top of my birthday wish list this year!

I was glad to have this opportunity to get to know OtterBox a little better. I’m excited that a company that makes such innovative, stylish, and protective cases also remembers how important it is to stay creative, to inspire, and to give back.

By Tésa Nicolanti

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