5 Food Safety Tips This World Health Day

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On April 7th the World Health Organization (WHO) sponsors the global health awareness initiative World Health Day. Every year, WHO selects a priority public health concern as the year’s overarching theme. The theme for 2015, Food Safety, is an exceptionally relevant issue the world over.


Through World Health Day, WHO aims to raise awareness of foodborne illnesses, the worldwide effects they have and to encourage us to ensure the food on our plates is safe for consumption.


How do we make a difference? We start by better informing ourselves about the food we eat. Here are a few guidelines to make better food safety decisions from here on out:



Know Your Food!


Not reading food labels is a common occurrence. In this instance, however, ignorance is not bliss. Read the labels! You’d be surprised at what you might find. Learn how to carefully prepare dangerous foods and how to store them properly. It’s also important to familiarize yourself with the dangerous microbiological and chemical agents found in your region that could be detrimental to your health.


Handle, Store and Prepare Food Safely


WHO has five keys for safer food when handling and preparing:

  1. Keep clean
  2. Separate raw and cooked food
  3. Cook thoroughly
  4. Cook food at safe temperatures
  5. Use safe water and raw materials


The organization also advises to store chemical products in safe places, and to never store food in containers that were ever used to store chemicals. These tips may seem obvious, but attention to detail is important, and a lapse in that attention can cause serious health risks.


Teach Healthy Practices to Others in Your Community


Spread your knowledge! Let others know the importance of food safety and the health risks associated therein.


Make Wise Food Choices


When shopping, keep raw meat, poultry, fish and shellfish away from other food in your cart and use separate bags for transportation. Also, make sure all of the food you eat is kept in hygienic conditions.



If you’re eating food from restaurants or any other public place, make sure that cooked food is not in contact with raw food that could contaminate it. Make sure to do your research and look into inspections and health codes in the places you eat. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!


Enjoy Eating Food!


Making food safety a top priority prevents foodborne illnesses and protects your health — giving you confidence about the food you eat. Eating should be an enjoyable experience after all! So, be safe, eat nutritiously and celebrate your health!




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