5 Technology Dependence Fails Everyone Can Relate To

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Being dependent on technology has quite the effect on our lives. We get so wrapped up into doing things the new, “cool” way that it really puts us into some awkward and embarrassing situations. Here are some of our most embarrassing — yet seemingly unavoidable — tech-dependence fails.


Every Screen is a Touchscreen

The standard touchscreen technology of mobile devices and tablets has made me assume every screen is touchable. Anytime I go to a gas station and pay with my debit card, and the reader touchscreen isn’t working, I get a little frustrated. Until, I realize that I actually have to use the buttons like it’s 1998.


Skipping Songs on the Radio

Pandora and Spotify have absolutely ruined normal radio listening for me. Whenever I’m listening to the radio and a song comes on I don’t like, I’ll try to hit dislike or skip — but you can’t do that with the normal radio!


“Play Next Episode” for TV Shows Not on Netflix

 Turns out, you can’t watch every single episode for every single television show these days. I always think otherwise, and become disappointed when I can’t just hit “play next episode” with cable television. We have all fallen victim to the binge. Thanks, Netflix.


Doing Adult Things

 No matter how many times you’ve cooked that dish, changed a tire or operated the Keurig machine, you can never remember and always have to consult Google for the how-to. It’s frustrating, and you always say to yourself: “Okay, I’m going to remember this time!” But you never do. It’s probably better to just bookmark those pages.



Conversing With a Language Other Than Emojis

No matter what language you speak, everyone appreciates a good emoji. But when you’re out in the world and you have to converse face-to-face, it may be a little weird if you use a smiley face poop emoji…



The struggle is real.



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