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OtterBox Kitchen

OtterBox Kitchen

I have been using a Defender Series Otterbox on my iPhone for about three years now; It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Otterbox!

I’ve rounded up the top 5 ways Otterbox has saved my iPhone over the years — some of them might surprise you!

1. The Overnighter — With two children, my diaper bag is usually overflowing with diapers, snacks, and other kid-necessities. One night, my iPhone fell out of my diaper bag on the way into our home, and it wasn’t found until the next morning when my husband was leaving for work. Thanks to my Defender Series Otterbox, my iPhone was spared from the light rain that had fallen most of the night. My phone worked like a charm!

2. The Teether — Even though I try to prevent it, there are times when my 1-year-old gets her hands on my iPhone. Of course, it goes immediately to her mouth, but my Otterbox is a great barrier between her little beaver teeth and slobbers and my actual phone!

3. The Great Diet Coke Incident — Last month, my 3-year-old knocked a can of Diet Coke over on my desk. Granted, it was my fault completely for having a can of soda so close to my computer and phone, but when you work at home and also take care of two little ones all day, things get chaotic. My computer was not able to be saved due to the spill, but the liquid that flowed over my iPhone? It was no problem thanks to my Otterbox!

4. The Drop Kick — OK, so no one drop kicked my iPhone, but it has certainly taken its share of drops and bumps. I’ve dropped my phone no less than 20 times, but my Otterbox always cushions the blow!

5. The Cat Toy — In addition to two rambunctious children, I am crazy enough to have a pet in the house as well. Our new kitten, Sally, likes to chew on everything. I woke up one day last week to find that she had gnawed completely through the cord on a pair of earbuds that I had plugged into my iPhone. I’m not sure if she attempted to chew on my actual phone, but I know that my Otterbox would have prevented any damage. And yes, I am kind of terrified that my cat is going to try to chew through ELECTRICAL CORDS, in case you were wondering.

Do you have any funny or amazing stories about how an Otterbox has saved your cell phone?

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