5 Wedding Planning Tools and Apps That Let Tech Do the Work

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While the holiday season brings about food, family and delicious cookies, it also brings shiny things that come in small boxes and fit on your left ring finger. Did you know that December is the most popular month to get engaged?

So all of you recently engaged folks took the rest of the month of December to soak in your excitement and stare at your finger for way too long. Good for you. But now January is here, and it’s time to get going on wedding plans.

Where to begin? In my opinion, choosing a date is the place to start. As a somewhat recently engaged gal, I found out that planning a wedding over a 9 -12 month period is not overkill or for crazy bridezillas. Actually, one-year’s time is preferred. First off, don’t panic. I’ve already done enough of that for the both of us. Just pick a date, shoot for roughly nine months away and stick with it!

Once you set your date, the next — and quite honestly most important — thing to do is to have fun and enjoy the planning and creating (hence the 9 -12 months time). Think about it this way: you get to plan one whole day (maybe even more if you’d like) dedicated to you and the person you are choosing to spend the rest of your life with. How awesome is that?


Now the third most important thing to do, in my opinion, is to use technology to your advantage. You can do nearly everything for your big day on the Internet. However, with so much information out there, it can be overwhelming to start the wedding planning while blankly staring at the Google home page. So I’ve narrowed down 5 tools that I have found incredibly useful in my wedding planning. Hopefully you will enjoy them, too.

1. Wedding Planning Complete App — Detailed budget guideline and tracker

Free for iOS and Android

Things add up quickly when planning a wedding, and sticking to your budget is key to keeping all parties involved happy. Ditch the binder and paper receipts, and download this wedding planning app that tracks your budget for each aspect of the wedding. While the budget tool is my favorite feature of this app, be sure to check out its many other boastful features.

2. The Wedding Countdown Widget

Free for iOS and Android

This Widget gives you the countdown to your big day, down to the second! Customize your background with an engagement photo or another favorite, and easily share your countdown with friends and family on email and Facebook. What happens when the countdown ends? Easy! Just switch the Widget to your anniversary countdowns after instead!

3. Pinterest — On-the-fly inspiration board

Free for iOS and Android

I love Pinterest. It’s really more of an obsession than a love affair. But that’s beside the point. I also love going to craft shops, thrift stores and specialty boutiques. While perusing these places, I have come across so many things that make me think, “That is the exact color I want my bridesmaids to wear” or “that old wooden frame would be perfect for a photo booth prop.” These scenarios are screaming for an on-the-fly Pinterest inspiration board. Simply snap a photo of what you find, and upload it to your inspiration board to ensure you won’t forget your random encounters.

4. Wedding Scan

$2.99 for iOS

I don’t know about you, but my fiancé wouldn’t be caught dead in a Bed Bath & Beyond walking around with one of those scan guns. This app is great for those ordinary types. Simply scan any item from any store to your iPhone, input products manually or take a photo of the item you want. Your items will appear on weddingscan.com, and guests can buy the items from Amazon or retail stores like Target and Macy’s. Pretty sweet!

5. RSVPify.com — Online RSVP

Handling everyone’s paper RSVPs can be a nightmare. Let technology do the work for you by setting up an online RSVP form. I love RSVPify.com. Plus, think of the good you will be doing for the environment. Green is in people.

Yes, this list is minimal — there are thousands of apps out there to help you plan your special day. These are just a few of my favorites. Don’t forget to keep your technology protected with an OtterBox case while planning your big day, you don’t need any unnecessary stress! What are some of your favorite wedding planning apps?

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