5 Fun Winter Activities for Kids

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We’re almost there. Almost through the most bitter cold month of the year. And boy has it been bitter cold here in Fort Collins. I thought the kids were going to lose their minds being trapped indoors for days on end. Even with snow on the ground it was too cold to enjoy it.

I’ve had to get creative to keep my two (a nine-year-old girl and an eight-year-old boy) from driving each other and the rest of us crazy. Here is a rundown of the things I found to work well.

1. Kindle apps

I’ll admit it, I let the kids play games on their Kindles. So far, it has worked great keeping the kids entertained with the free apps. It’s also made it easy to let them get more options more frequently. When they come up and ask, “Mom, can I have a new app?” I say, “Sure, clean the cat box, and then let me know what you’d like to download.” Four out of five times they decide they are good with what they have. On the fifth time, I score a clean cat box, and they score a new app.

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2. Get physical

Now the real problem here during the freezing months is finding a way for the kids to burn off pent up energy. To satisfy this need there are plenty of options. It all just depends on what you, the loving parent, wants to put up with. Those inflatable bounce places are incredible for the kids. As are the trampoline places where the kids get a kick out of bouncing of the walls.

We’ve also explored indoor ice skating rinks, and — if you have one in town — a roller rink can be a blast. Of course, I participate in these activities with them so the kids think I’m a cool mom.

Indoor mini golf is great fun too. But my son is a hard hitter so chasing balls and crossing my fingers he doesn’t break anything or hit anyone else makes it more fun than stressful.


3. Amusement park games

We’ve got two places in town, one of which is a Chuck E. Cheese, where the kids play games for hours gathering as many tickets as they can earn. But, because it’s cold and every other parent in town is also trying to entertain their kids, these places get seriously crowded. I try to avoid this option as much as I can.

4. Swimming

Yep, you read that right. Even in sub-zero temps we have a blast going swimming — indoors. We have a nearby recreation facility that has a lazy river, a fast, steep slide and tons of fun things to enjoy in the water. This is a favorite of ours.

5. Museums

We are also fortunate to have an excellent hands-on children’s museum in town. I like this option and other museum options too. The kids do as well, but it’s a place they have to be well behaved so it isn’t a perfect option for letting off steam.

All of these activities are generally pretty affordable. But deals for these places regularly pop up on sites like Living Social and Groupon. And you can be sure I snatch up those deals as quick as I find them.

Spring break is around the corner, and who knows if it will be snowy or gorgeous and warm. It could even be both. The certainty is that I’ll be prepared with ideas and plans for both indoor and outdoor activities to keep my two busy. Personally, I plan to drag them out hiking in snow or sun. No whining allowed.

What do you find works great for your kids? Please share in the comments below.

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