7 Websites to Boost your Online Productivity

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We have all been there. Under a deadline, multiple projects to finish, an endless slew of work that deserves your undivided attention. Yet, the enticing temptations of YouTube and Facebook make it nearly impossible to get anything done. No more! Here are my favorite productivity websites that stop needless procrastination and make you invincible to distractions!



The power of meditation is a wonderful thing. Calm is a fully-guided meditation website that features free sessions starting at two minutes, all the way up to 20 minutes. If you’re feeling stressed at any point of your day, a quick two minute meditation rights the ship and gets you back to being your remarkably productive self!


 Cold Turkey

Cold Turkey is a web application that allows you to block websites and assign certain time frames when you can access them. No more wasting time scrolling through your Twitter feed or losing yourself in the latest Onion article. Be more productive — the Cold Turkey style.


Do Nothing for Two Minutes

As the title suggests, donothingfor2minutes.com is a site where you literally do nothing for two minutes. That’s it. Go to this site, put in a pair of headphones and just listen to the waves crash on the beach. It’s a quick, relaxing break in your otherwise busy day that gets you back on the playing field, focused and ready to go!


Focus Booster

Adopting the popular Pomodoro technique, Focus Booster makes time management a breeze. In the Pomodoro technique, one focuses on a single task for 25 minutes and then takes a break for five minutes. You repeat this four times, or four “pomodori,” then take a 30-minute break. Focus Booster helps you master this technique and gives you what it takes to be the most productive you can be.


Rescue Time

Rescue Time is a productivity site designed to enlighten you on your daily habits. It runs securely in the background as a casual observer as you go about your day. It tracks the time you spend on certain websites, email, in meetings and anything else that you do in a day. You can even block websites, set alerts to let you know how much time you’re spending on a particular activity and log highlights about all of your awesome accomplishments during the day.



The Todoist boasts itself as the world’s most powerful to-do list. Share projects, assign tasks, discuss in real-time and get notified when changes are made to your list. You can collaborate on shared tasks with your team and access your tasks from wherever you are. With apps and extensions for 13 platforms, your to-do list finally becomes manageable.



Ever come across an article or video that you just had to read or watch but didn’t have the time? Then lost it, wasting even more time trying to find it again? Pocket rescues you from this endless torment. Sign up for the free service online, then you can save those articles, videos, pictures or basically anything else you come across during the day and view them when you actually have some free time. Once you save them, or put them in your “pocket,” you can access them on your phone, tablet or computer, you don’t even need an Internet connection!


I hope that you can use these websites to your advantage and become more effective in your everyday activities. Have fun and stay productive!





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