A Halloween horror story

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This Halloween we wanted to revisit an old tradition of telling spooky stories. In a Mad Lib-esque kind of way we collected words and quotes from our fans to put together a creepy tale of a man named Dave. Thanks to our great Facebook fans and twitter followers for helping us put this story together. Happy Halloween!

On a dark and stormy night Dave pulls up to the rickety old hotel he manages. Tonight the rain hasn’t let up for a second and the weather reports are saying that this miserable rain will soon turn to snow as the temperature plummets. As Dave walks past the creepy old pet cemetery on the grounds, he is startled by a new addition to the property. After years of walking the grounds of this place he is shocked that he has never seen this creepy black elephant. Curiously, he reaches out to read the collar around the animal’s neck. The tag reads “Harvey” on one side and on the other “­I love tacos.” What a strange thing to put on an animal tag.

Still thinking about the random occurrence of finding this new addition with the strange nametag, Dave moves on and up the stairs to take over at the front desk. He is greeted by the strange young man who works the day shift, Penelope. Each time Dave sees him he can’t help but think about how silly his name is. Penelope is quite strange and actually lives in the hotel in room 4S. “How’s it looking today, Penelope?” asks Dave.

“We have one guest tonight. My mother.”

“Oh great! Wait … I thought your mom passed away last year. I remember you took some time off for the funeral.”


Penelope storms off leaving Dave in the lobby by himself. Dave immediately heads to the kitchenette to pour a hot cup of coffee. “This is going to be a long night,” he says to himself. The coffee tastes like burnt peas but it’s hot and it will keep him awake through the night. Just after Dave pulls his phone out and places it on the front desk he accidentally bounces his metal mug off the middle of the screen. He made a mess on the desk but luckily his phone did not break. He’s sure it’s because of the OtterBox screen protector!

While cleaning up the desk, Dave is startled by the sound of children laughing. He is sure that he is alone with Penelope and his mother meaning the sound of children is completely unrealistic. He brushes the idea off and attributes it to his sleepiness when he hears it again and this time notices a sound of vibration along with it. He can’t get over the fact that the sound seems so close to him. “Hello?” No answer. He hears the laughter and vibration one more time and realizes that the sound is coming from his phone! Dave lives by himself and nobody has access to his phone so who could have changed his ringtone to this eerie sound? What was even worse was what he saw on the screen. Displayed was a text that read, “I see dead people.”

Scrolling through his messages there was also one that said “Here’s Johnny!” and one last message that was the most disturbing. “The texts are coming from inside the house.”

Thoughts race through Dave’s head. Who could this be? Was someone playing a cruel prank on him? His one and only suspect is Penelope. Annoyed and a bit scared Dave grabs his phone and rushes up to room 4S to find out who is behind this awful prank.

After a few knocks and still no answer Dave decides to let himself in. “Is anyone here?” A woman’s voice answers from the bathroom.

“I’m in here.”

“Who are you?”

Trudy. Penelope’s mother.”

“W w where is Penelope?”

“He’s not here right now.”

“I’ve been receiving some strange text messages. Do you know anything about this?”

“Come closer so we can talk face to face.”

Dave walks in to the restroom per Trudy’s request and is thrown back in fear when he notices the corpse of an elderly woman in the bathtub. As Dave walks toward the tub Penelope jumps out from behind the door dressed in a woman’s nightgown and rushes toward Dave wielding a large knife! All he can think to do is throw his phone at the psycho. The phone strikes the attacker in the head and he immediately collapses to the ground. With Penelope dead from the blow to the head, Dave quickly collects his phone and rushes out of the room, down the stairs and outside to his car. The pouring rain has stopped but now sheets of snow are falling to the ground.

Safe inside his vehicle he turns the key in the ignition and speeds away, heading back to the safety of his home. “The police! I have to call the police!” He reaches into his pocket to retrieve his phone and to his surprise it’s not there. In a panic he tries to retrace his steps in his head and realizes that in a panicked rush he left his phone on the roof of the car. Knowing that he has to call the police and make a report of this awful event, Dave has no choice but to use the find my phone app to locate his lost phone. He is relieved to find that his phone is just a few miles up the road.

Dave jumps into his car to make the short trip up the road. He pulls up to the location of his lost phone and is ecstatic to find his phone in the middle of the road. It is covered in tire marks but the phone is ok. “Thank you OtterBox!” he exclaims. Dave returns to his car and immediately calls the police. They meet him at his house and he retells the horrible story. He feels safe again after speaking with the police and heads to the kitchen to make himself a proper cup of coffee. Settled and relieved Dave takes a seat in his favorite recliner. He feels an overwhelming fear in the pit of his stomach when he sees an unread message on the screen from an unknown number. “Not again,” he says to himself. He opens up his message center and displayed there is a picture of Dave’s house and the message “See you soon…”

The end…or is it?

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