A new line of cases from OtterBox – The Edible Series

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We’re all so busy and on-the-go anymore it’s hard to put our phones down and stop to eat. Now you don’t have to. Our new EDIBLE SERIES will fix you right up and tie you over until your next meal. Available in options for every appetite:


Smooth and creamy this case is made entirely out of processed cheddar cheese. It is certain to satisfy and is especially great if you happen to have some crackers on hand too.


Satiate even the worst stomach pangs with this high-protein treat made from the finest lunchmeat we found at our local grocer.


Perfect for the eco-groovy, vegan, gluten-free, nature loving side in us all, this leafy 100% organic case tastes great and is a refreshing treat that leaves plenty of room for your next meal.


Pink and springy this case is made from 100% recycled, already-been-chewed, bubble gum. The exterior is famous for its non-slip coating that grips to anything. It’s also great for school kids to conceal their phone by sticking it to the underside of desks.

When you’re in a pinch and far from the nearest vending machine, these cases truly satisfy. Get yours now before we run out or they start to turn. Pick your favorite now by completing this Quick Poll!


Protection from an empty stomach.

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