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OtterBox makes protective cases — really great protective cases — but we’re actually a lot more than that. Our founder, Curt Richardson, calls it a sensory package. It’s about the company behind the case. It’s about our culture, and who we are as a business partner, an employer and a member of the community.

Culture is hugely important at OtterBox.  We choose our Otters based on it and the core values that drive our decisions daily. Even if someone is a great candidate based on skills and experience, if there isn’t a cultural fit it just won’t work. OtterBox culture can be summed up as work-hard, play-hard. We spend a lot of time working at full-speed, so it’s important that we like where we work and the people with which we work. And we do!

For many high-growth, high-performance companies, culture tends to take a backseat, but we actively work on maintaining and enhancing it. One of the invaluable tools we’ve used to take the pulse of our culture is the Great Place to Work® Trust Index® survey.

We recently completed our third annual survey. It gives a comprehensive snapshot of what the Otters are thinking in regards to OtterBox as an employer. The survey also gives us a chance for recognition as one of the top workplaces in the nation, an honor we received in 2011 and 2012, but that’s not where we derive the true value.

The anonymous survey allows all Otters to give candid and honest feedback. From this, we can identify trends — areas where we are excelling and areas of opportunity for improvement. This year, we had more than 90 percent of our 600+ Otters take the survey, which is a true testament to the importance we place on getting this feedback.

If you walk into OtterBox HQ, here in lovely Fort Collins, Colo., you will feel our culture. It goes beyond the slide in our lobby, the scooters we use to get to meetings in other buildings and the fresh fruit shared in all common areas. It’s a palpable excitement that exudes from the people and surroundings. According to Great Place to Work, employees believe they work for great organizations when they consistently:

  • TRUST the people they work for;
  • Have PRIDE in what they do; and
  • ENJOY the people they work with.

Do you work for a company with a great culture? What are some of the things that your company does or could do to maintain your trust, create pride and enhance camaraderie?

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