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12/31/2012 – Game day apps and organizers

The bowl games are coming. This is your time to shine, my man. You gotta know the games, the times, the spreads and the results. Football isn’t just on your mind at this time of the year; it’s in your blood. Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Take a look at these links and apps to keep your bowl-watching schedule up to snuff.





12/28/2012 – Quick fixes for holiday catastrophes

During a holiday season that always feels so right, it’s amazing how many things can go so wrong: fried-turkey fires, Christmas tree collapses, horrible gift ideas, and drunken relatives to name a few. Well, for almost every catastrophe there’s a fix. And when there isn’t, at least there’s whiskey (just keep it away from your relatives). Here are a few links to get you through the tougher times this holiday.



12/25/2012 – Merry Christmas!

Hey. Merry Christmas. Here’s some wallpapers to dress me in to show how awesome you really are.


12/23/2012 – Whiskey 101

Alright buddy, it’s holiday season. And with holiday season comes holiday parties. Time to put the light beer thing on hold and learn how to drink like a man at these soirees. Let’s take whiskey, example. The following links will help you know how and what to order without looking like and idiot. I even have a YouTube link so you can look like a badass bartender making some whiskey drinks. And remember, be responsible. Do I need to remind you what happened at Coop’s bachelor party?




12/20/2012 – Tech gifts with fast shipping

You might not be the most perceptive gift giver in the world, but if there’s one thing everyone can appreciate it’s a tech-focused gift. Here’s a link that will have your best buds making you their best man. And all of them can be rushed to you (if you pay the price).



12/13/2012 – Interesting Holiday Gifts

We both know you’re far from an average Joe, so this holiday let’s make sure you give far from average gifts. Sure the salsa-bowl-football-helmet was a hit (for about a week), and the hand-shaped candleholder you gave your parents ended up looking great (in their attic), but I know you can do better and I’m here to help. Have a look at these ideas.





12/6/2012 – Gift list apps

AVERAGE JOE – Gift list apps/links to send to family/friends

Remember when you asked for a computer and (Dude) you got a Dell when you wanted a Mac? Or the time when you asked for a video game system and you got Sega Dreamcast instead of PS3? What did we learn from these experiences? Be specific, man! If you were looking for a date you wouldn’t just tell someone you’re looking for a “female” would you? No! You’d have specifics. Height, weight, hair color, meas…well, you get the idea. Don’t just tell people what you want. Tell them EXACTLY what you want, and where to find it.

Here are some websites we like.



And here are some app recommendations.



11/22/2012 – The best TVs on the market

Alright. Let’s do the math: ESPN + Madden + Call of Duty + Bowl Games + Die Hard + Christmas Vacation + Christmas Story + watching Love Actually with your girlfriend + Super Bowl = yep, you’re going to need a new TV this year. Whether you’re using your holiday bonus to buy one or asking mom and dad for a seriously awesome gift, here are some links to give a read before you decide on this important, life-altering purchase.

skramb.com Top 10 LED TV review and comparison

moneycrashers.com Flat screen TV buying guide

Consumer Reports TV buyers guide

Get the Consumer Reports App here!

11/21/2012 – Beer!

For you, beer is more than barley and hops. It’s good friends and good times. It’s sharing memories, watching sports history, or making your own sports magic on PS3 or on the intramural field – all over a couple cold ones. Well, here are a couple apps to help you find the best beers and the best places to have them. Finding the best friends to share them with is up to you. Check out these great apps, Untappd and Pintley.

Here are some other great places to find apps for beer lovers for iOS and Android.

11/15/2012 – Joe’s top movie quotes and titles

You have the rest of the year to quote Caddyshack, Major League, Running Man, and Full Metal Jacket. This is holiday movie quote time, my friend. So here’s to every guy who’s ever said, “If I woke up tomorrow with my head sewn to the carpet, I wouldn’t be more surprised than I am now.” Check out these links to holiday movie quotes and movie titles, and be careful not to shoot your eye out, kid.

Can’t say we agree with Clark W. Griswold way down at #4, but this is a great list to reference.

Here are some memorable quotes from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

Don’t shoot your eye out. Check out these famous quotes from A Christmas Story.

Remember all the great times from your youth with these quotes from It’s a Wonderful Life.

11/8/2012 – Shopping apps from our Above Average Joe

It’s not easy balancing your job, your friends, your dating scene, your intramural sports, your gaming schedule and your fantasy football league – but now you gotta keep everyone’s gift ideas straight on top of all that? Fuggedaboudit! I’m here for you. Throw one of these gift organizers on your phone so you can get back to what really matters…Madden.

Just like that Cuban you’re saving in the humidor, these are smokin’!

Since you’ll probably do 90% of your shopping here anyway, here’s one from Amazon.

Here are some top rated iPhone shopping apps. Dig it!

11/1/2012 – Average Joe? Yeah Right…

‘sup bro? The holidays are upon us but I’m here to help. Hi, I’m Joe – and I’m anything but your Average Joe. I’m as multi-faceted as you are. I can manage a fantasy football league, play on four intramural teams, score chicks, win a Superbowl pool, fix my car, play Madden and beer-pong simultaneously – all while utilizing my college degree to use words like “multi-faceted” and “simultaneously”. This holiday I’m gonna help you stay on top of your fantasy football league, game times, local hot spots, gift ideas and, yes, organizing your gift shopping. Not to mention giving you holiday lighting ideas that would leave even the great Clark Griswold green with envy. So this holiday season, keep me safe in an OtterBox cuz I’m better than any wingman you’ve ever partied with.

When I’m not having a cold one with some chicken wings, I’m doing one or all of the following:

  • Playing intramural sports
  • Watching Sports Center
  • Playing Madden
  • Dominating beer pong
  • Fixing stuff I broke trying to fix it the first time
  • Trying to figure out my girlfriend
  • Thinking about how I should really start working out again

If you want to subscribe to my holiday tips or to find out about some of my friends, head over to our home page!

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