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I don’t know about you, but my kids drive me nuts with “Can I watch TV? Can I play on your iPad? Can  I play on your phone? Can I play Wii?” questions. In general I don’t like them to be glued into screens for large amounts of time during the day. Admittedly, Saturday and Sunday mornings I let them watch cartoons for a bit, but in general I keep their screen time to a minimum.

With that said, I really like the idea behind the ibitz activity trackers from GeoPalz. These wireless little doodads track activity minutes and let kids earn their screen time.  As described on their feature page, the “iBitz PowerKey, interface incorporates characters called GeoBotz, that a child must keep healthy with physical activity, healthy food, and plenty of water.” Since my memory is no better than Dory, the fish’s, I really like that these little gadgets can inspire my kids to be active, track their activity and then offer them a fun way to earn their screen time without me having to remember if I already let them play with my phone or not.

This article descripts the device and interactive app well and here is the home page to learn more about it.

My kids are in trouble now. No more just asking for screen time — they have to earn it.



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