Agility Tablet System–Where Would You Use Your Tablet?

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The Agility Tablet System changes the way you look at your tablet. Each part of the system works alone, and together, personalizing the experience so your tablet suits your lifestyle. How would you use yours?


Start with the Agility Shell, the fundamental part of the system. Along with delivering drop protection, the Shell is your tablet’s universal mount that works alongside Agility folios, Agility Wall Mount and Agility Dock.


The Agility Folio is a slim tablet case that converts into a 2-position stand for typing and viewing. It closes to protect your tablet’s sensitive touchscreen and has a slim, sleek design.


The Agility Portfolio is a full-coverage tablet case that converts into a multi-position stand for landscape and portrait typing and viewing angles. It folds around your entire tablet, protecting it and its sensitive touchscreen.

Deluxe Folio

The Agility Deluxe Folio carries all of the extras you need, including exterior and interior pockets to carry headphone, a Bluetooth keyboard, charger and more. It’s an expansive tablet case that converts into a stand. It folds around your entire tablet to protect it and its sensitive touchscreen.

Wall Mount

Secure your tablet in just the right spot in every room. The Agility Wall Mount attaches to most vertical surfaces with 3M Command Strips.


Create a home base for your tablet in any room with the Agility Dock. It adjusts to the perfect angle and holds your tablet in landscape and portrait views. Set the dock on your desk, nightstand, counter – anywhere!

Power Dock

The perfect technology hub, the Agility Power Dock sits on any flat surface and plugs into a standard wall outlet to charge your tablet plus two other devices. It can be used for both Apple and Android.

Now that you’re familiar with all the accessories, we’d like to know: where would you use your tablet? Tell us on Twitter where you would take your tablet for a chance to win your own Agility Tablet System. Be sure to follow @OtterBox and use #OtterAgility. Read more on our Terms and Conditions here:


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