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Do you remember being a little kid and getting excited to start writing out your Christmas list to your parents and the ever-important list to Santa Claus? As adults most of us will make at least one list this Christmas, whether it’s a wants list, a list of gifts to buy our loved ones or a simple Christmas grocery shopping list. This year more and more people are turning to Pinterest to make these lists.  Check mine out!

If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon, let me break it down for you. Pinterest allows users to ‘pin’ pictures found on the internet to a virtual ‘pinboard’ on their own personalized page. Users can set up any number of boards, and use them to keep a personal record of anything from photos of their favorite products, to animals in funny Christmas clothes.

It’s no shock to me that this year, millions of people are using Pinterest to make their Christmas lists. Why wouldn’t they? All you need is a free account and you are set to pin pictures of your favorite items and gift ideas to your Christmas board that can easily be shared with friends and family! If you’re a big gift giver you can also pin shopping items to a private board to keep track of all of the gifts you need to buy this year.

Are you using Pinterest this Christmas season? Share your tips or your boards in the comments below.

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