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Working on a tight budget can be difficult, especially when you’re taking on a huge project like Dangerous Waters. Angel investor and Executive Producer Jimmy Anderson came to the rescue to help Steven Moll and the Dangerous Waters crew make their dream a reality in the second season. Here he explains his involvement in this great adventure. Check it out!

Q:  How did you get tied in with Steven and this expedition?

A: They came to me right after they finished last year and had no money. They had a neat deal and had put a lot of money into it. Steven had sold his business and pretty much put everything he had into this project. He came to me and was looking for money and an investor. After some negotiations and realizing that they were in trouble, they worked on a shoestring budget. They didn’t have a very good post-production group for editing but they did the best they could. I’ve learned about creative consulting and about watching thousands of hours of stuff and sort of got the guys in line that I thought were taking advantage of it. When they got in trouble, I financed their receivables and put a lot of dough in just because Steven is a good man. He had a good father and a great upbringing. He’s an Eagle Scout and proud of it. His success just needed a boost.

Q: What are the sorts of things that you’re able to guide them with to get them pointed in the right direction?

A: Just telling them to keep their egos up and try to get a good product. Something to remember is that learning is a great teacher. I’ve been through it all and I’ve done just about every stupid thing there is to do and this is one of the greatest ideas I’d ever heard of. People don’t realize what they go through on a daily basis. We’ve been out here all day long packing bags and getting ready and it’s a lot of work. Well they do this every night. It’s amazing to see them get ready in the morning, especially if the tide has gone out and they’re 200 yards from the water. For the little amount of big time camping and expedition experience they have, they’re darn good at what they do. In one year they’ve come a long way.

Q: Do you have any words to send them off on this trip?

A: In my mean way or in my nice way? They know how much I love them. I’ll protect them with anything I have at my wherewithal, both financially and in any other way. I have nothing to win but I have a lot to lose because I’ve invested a lot in them, but I also have a lot of faith in them. I’m living through them to get my thrills nowadays I guess. Being an old timer there’s not a lot else I can do. I’ll be satisfied with them coming home safely with a lot of experiences and a lot of things to share with other people. A little part of me is going to leave with them. It brings you in. The problem with it last year is we didn’t do it like this. We didn’t bring in the families, and their ideas, and their shots. It was wham, bam and goodbye. Once you see these guys and the way they filmed it this year and the way they’ve represented their families and their feelings, it’s going to drag you in. Because look at them. They’ve all got different personalities but each has something that is in all of us.

Throughout the summer we’ll have stories from the road, exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and we’ll introduce you to more of the team over the next several weeks. You can also get in on the action by following us on Twitter using the #OtterWaters hashtag, following our Dangerous Waters Blog page and becoming a fan on Facebook. Stay tuned for more info!


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