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Hardware and software that connects between devices has been getting better. Up to now, I’ve found that the “easy-to-setup sharing” has never quite been what was promised. BlackBerry Link, included in BBOS 10 allows you to access media files on your computer over WiFi or cellular on your BlackBerry device and I really like how it works.



POB-IMG-06130130-BLACKBERRY-LINK-01Getting Started with BlackBerry Link

Over the years, BlackBerry has been kinder to the Mac crowd and BlackBerry Link continues this friendliness. You have to install the BB Link client on your PC or Mac via this link – and follow up with a reboot of the computer. The computer setup will ask you for your BlackBerry ID so all your BlackBerry devices using this ID can have access to the files. If you create folders elsewhere on your computer that you’d like to access from your BlackBerry devices,  you can use the software to update which folders the computer shares. If you are especially protective of your cute puppy photos, you can choose to create a one-time use connection, too.

The software walks you through the set up of accessible folders so you can keep the sensitive information and rap music laced with explicit lyrics away from your phone, unless you have a more “flexible” work environment.  The phone and computer pairing was seamless for me, with both my MacBook Air and my Z10 recognizing one another instantly. Love at first sight.

Once the software is running on your computer, it will recognize your device(s) in the bottom tabs where you can easily drag and drop your pictures, documents, videos or music from your computer to your BlackBerry or vice versa.

POB-IMG-06130130-BLACKBERRY-LINK-02A New Way to Manage Sync-able Content

You can move/copy files between your computer and BlackBerry from the devices, too. On your BlackBerry, open File Manager. In the lower left you’ll see an icon that toggles between your BlackBerry and your computer. To move a photo you shot on your BlackBerry to your computer, long press a photo. The menu will open on the right offering a move or copy of the file. Select your choice of move or copy, we’ll pretend like we’re copying for the rest of the example. In the lower left, hit the Device button to swap back to your computer. You’ll see a new menu option to Paste. Pick the folder where you’d like to place the file, hit Paste and the file will appear on your computer.

If you’re away from your computer and you just need to look at a document or hear the new Smallpools song, Dreaming, that you have on your computer, you can stream these files. Instead of using a long press, navigate to the file and tap it. If it’s a song and you have a decent connection speed, you will hear it streaming in seconds.

With BlackBerry Link, you can genuinely have your computer back at the office and access its files easily via WiFi or cellular connection. With the right HDMI connection you could even present a PowerPoint presentation that resides on your computer from your BlackBerry device. The process really is simple and robust. How have you used BlackBerry Link to leave your computer on your desk?


nan-palmeroBlackBerry enthusiast Nan Palmero is a self-described nerd-to-English translator. A 2009 San Antonio Business Journal “40 Under 40″ winner, he is a black belt in Isshinryu karate and a marathon runner. Nan’s photos have been featured by publications including The New Yorker, Popular Mechanics and Wired and he has written articles for Qualcomm and the San Antonio Business Journal. You can follow Nan’s BlackBerry commentary at

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