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Summer is almost over and you’re sending your baby off to college. Being the great parent you are, you can’t send them off without the tools they need to be successful, but where do you start? Their phone. We know life can be hard after high school so we’ve come up with a list of our top Back to School Apps for you to pass on to your new college student.


You’ve saved and saved for your student’s college education and the moment has arrived. Don’t let them forget about their homework! With Studious students can manage their classes and life around a strict schedule, planning study sessions and hangouts with friends. Never again will their work sneak up on them as Studious will remind them well ahead of time to get started on what’s due. (iOS and Android)

Lecture Notes

Lugging around a laptop or taking paper notes is so 2010. With Lecture Notes you can take notes with your Android device! LectureNotes is an Android app for note-taking by handwriting on the screen with a stylus. (Android)


The RetailMeNot Coupons app helps you find the best coupons for your favorite places to shop so you can save online or in the store directly from your phone. It’s never been easier to save when you want, where you want! (iOS)

Food On TheTable

With this awesome app you can save up to $40 a month at more than 16,000 grocery stores using this top-rated healthy meal planning and organized grocery list app. With Food On the Table you can make a weekly menu with the meal planner, find budget meals. shop based on sales and get in shape with a healthy grocery list. (iOS and Android)


With Cheddar, your tasks are instantly everywhere. Everything you do with Cheddar pushes to all of your devices, so your world is always in sync. It’s really magical to create a task on your iPhone and have it instantly be on your computer without thinking about syncing. (iOS)


Imagine you meet someone at a party, a conference, or even out on a walk. This could potentially lead to a date, a new job, or just a great friendship. As you part ways, this person says “Facebook me” and then disappears. Friendthem is a location-based app which helps you find that person and send a friend request. (iOS and Android)


With Wolfram|Alpha on your iPhone or iPod touch, you can explore a vast world of knowledge through an app adapted for your ever-changing, on-the-go lifestyle. Use Wolfram|Alpha to discover new information about the world and to deliver expert knowledge into any facet of your mobile life. (iOS)

Campus Special

It’s the same great coupon book that’s used by millions of college students every year at schools across the country, but now it’s always with you right on your phone. Get the hottest discounts, deals and coupons for places around your college or university. Now you can browse restaurant listings and order food right from your phone. Build and place an order from your phone — have it ready after class, or get it delivered right to your door! The app can use your phone’s GPS to find the nearest discounts and deals wherever you currently are. Want to know which nearby restaurants support mobile ordering? You can see that too! (iOS and Android)

Do you have an app that you will be recommending to your new college student? Share them in the comments!

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