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Two of the most engaging social media platforms have recently made some great updates to their apps:



First, let’s take a selfie. You can now add a picture to the center of the ghost icon on your Snapchat profile (your “Snapcode”) so it’s easier for your friends to recognize you when you add them to Snapchat. The app prompts you to take a selfie when you’re on that home screen — be ready at the end of the countdown!


Did you ever have trouble holding your finger on the screen to watch photos and videos? Not any more! Now, just “Tap to View!” Simply tap your screen and the photo/video will load and play for the full amount of time.


New friends are always nice to have, right? Snapchat’s new feature “Add Nearby” lets you quickly add a group of friends when you’re all together. A list of friends will appear once everyone opens Add Nearby. Just tap to add!

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Check out the magnifying glass tab in your app — it’s much different and offers a lot more ways to explore. The top bar scrolls through collections of photos, from waterfalls to major league sports games, and it’s always changing. You can also discover new people here and trending places that are always varying based on what users are uploading and tagging. Just beneath this is a list of trending hashtags, each of which is a collection of stunning photos from Instagram users.


The Search bar at the very top of the screen has also been updated to search by location (previously you could only search for people and hashtags). You can research your favorite far away places, or what’s happening in your own backyard.



Snapchat and Instagram are two of the easiest, most fun ways to share your stories and experiences. You have the ability to make your profiles and your content as vibrant as you want, and you do it all right from your smartphone. To keep your colorful stories protected, think OtterBox. Symmetry Series is perfect for slipping in your pocket so your camera is always at the ready.



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