Apple Announcement Summary – Meet the new iPad Air!

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Today Apple announced a number of big changes, both in software and hardware.

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What’s new with OSX Mavericks

The announcement began by running us through updates in Mavericks – this includes new iBooks features, Apple Maps upgrades, faster graphics processing, new notifications and more. Innovation is nothing new for Apple, but this time they are offering Mavericks for free as a simple upgrade. Now that’s revolutionary.

Moving to hardware, Apple walked us through upgrades in both the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and the imposing Mac Pro. All of which are faster, lighter and in true Apple fashion, sexier than ever. Each device will of course ship with Mavericks – making each a very impressive offering from Apple.

Across all devices, Apple has upgraded their apps. The app update portion of the event focused heavily on iLife and iWork which received a number of upgrades including UI revisions and better iCloud compatibility.

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The iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina Display

The biggest Apple announcements by far were the new iPad Air and the iPad mini with Retina Display. Both the iPad Air and the iPad Mini will be running the new A7 chip and M7 motion processor announced for the iPhone 5s in September. Both the iPad Air and iPad mini will also rock the retina display – a fantastic upgrade for the mini. The iPad Air is also thinner, and comes with a thinner bezel for more usability. Apple claims at 1lb the new iPad Air is the lightest tablet in the world.

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