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This week I was watching ‘America: The story of Us’(Great miniseries btw) on Netflix via my Apple TV — and a software update popped up??? Did this mean Hulu had been added? Or even better, could I get NFL now…? Could I now check my Ottermail? The sheer possibilities were so intriguing I quickly installed said update. (Which is actually very easy to do; settings -> General -> Update Software.)

And after the magic update had installed there arose a fantastic, “Dohhh!” from my basement. What? Being the avid Apple fan that I am I eagerly went through the entire menu structure. Movies? Still the same. Music? Same. No Hulu, no NFL. Boo! In my opinion those are two, huge, missing links. You can get most new movies — and some television shows– but no football and no recent CBS shows on the Apple TV. (Yes, CBS has my new favorite TV show, ‘Person of interest’, with Jim Caviezel a new Jack Bauer of sorts…) All hail a new update which amounted to nothing more than a few bug fixes? Sub-par. And yet – because of said love for Apple – I will patiently await my next software pop up!

Why the love then, you ask? Well, one of my favorite new Apple TV features (since the release of IOS 5) is the iCloud integration. You see, my wife (also an avid apple iPhone fan) takes – literally – hundreds of pictures every week on her 4S. Hundreds! How cool that our whole family can see them float magically on the sleep screen of the Apple TV, like a beautiful, 50-inch digital scrapbook – all without doing anything? On the first generation, I had to sync iTunes and it took a long time for pictures from iPhoto to get them pushed over. Now, I see her pictures automatically, and when the Apple TV sits idle for 5 minutes or so, the iCloud pictures start scrolling via the screen saver. Our two-year-old loves sitting and watching the pictures float by… Is that cheating? Does it count as mindless TV time?…. No way 🙂 . And now I realize we need to make a Defender case for the Apple TV remote! Here’s to OtterBox and Apple once again, keeping my family happily – and safely – entertained.

Oh, and there have been whispers of a 3rd generation Apple TV coming out in Q2. App store feature perhaps? Facetime? 1080P? There’s also been a lot of hype around Apple coming out with a new, branded, TV. If this happens, I’m thinking it better be priced appropriately. Will you sacrifice screen size to get a TV that rocks? It’s hard to believe Apple will release anything bigger than 37 inches. I mean, this is Apple we’re talking about. I’m so used to my 50-inch plasma that even being a big Apple enthusiast, I’m not sure if I could do it… not for something the size of a box, not with a fox, not with a mouse, not in a house – are you with me?

So Apple, we’d like an Apple-branded TV combo meal, value priced and yes, we’d like it Super-sized.

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