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I have to admit I’m pretty slow at integrating my smartphone into every moment of my existence. But, the more I find out about what this little gadget can do for me the more I’m thrilled and amazed.

One area of fascination for me is all of the apps available for whatever food obsession you want to embrace. Shopping for good food, but you want to avoid gluten? There’s and app to help you avoid that. Concerned about GMOs? There’s an app to help you select items that avoid them. Avoiding excessive amounts of sugar? There’s an app to help track that. Gone to the Paleo side? No problem there’s an app to help you shop for that too. Just want to slim down and shed a few pounds? No worries apps can help you with that too.

Here are some cool ones that I found, listed in no particular order:

PaleoCentral (iOS and Android) Touted as the “perfect” app for Paleo beginners, this app helps you know what you can and can’t eat on this lifestyle plan. It has a database of Paleo foods so you can check what’s on the list while you’re at the store. It also includes a beginner’s guide for getting started and understanding how the diet works.

GlutenFree Scanner: (Android) Find out if your favorite snack is gluten free with this handy app. You can also search by keyword to find what you are looking for in this constantly updated community-edited database.

Label GMO: (Android) Passionate about GMOs? This app provides a wealth of information on the GMO conversation. It contains top facts on GMOs. Videos about GMOs. Documentaries, ways to spread the message about GMOs and more. This app will help you stay up with the latest news on the topic and be as informed as possible.

GMO Checker: (iOS) This app helps you find the products that are healthy for you. It highlights products that fit your lifestyle based on parameters such as organic, vegan, gluten free and GMO free.

WeightWatchers: (iOS and Android) Sign up for this popular weight loss plan and track everything on your smartphone. Access meal and recipe ideas on the go and use the barcode scanner to help you select the best options for sticking to the plan.

MyFitnessPal: (iOS and Android) Track your diet and fitness activity in this one tool. Log every single thing you eat and every minute of activity. Then enjoy the reporting details to monitor and help make improvements in your eating and exercise habits for greater success.

Fooducate: (iOS and Android) Scan groceries and choose the healthy options. Automatically scan a barcode to see the product highlights, good and bad. The information provided in the app will help you to make the healthier choices when shopping.

TrueFood Network: (iOS and Android) This app provides valuable information on common GMO ingredients, brands to look for and look out for and tips to help you avoid GMO ingredients. It includes a shopper’s guide to help you navigate the grocery store and stock up on the right foods.

ShopWell: (iOS and Android) This handy app helps you make smart food decisions as you shop. It helps you make healthy grocery lists, find foods in the store that match your needs and provides nutrition facts and ingredients for the groceries you choose.

ipiit, the Food Ambassador: (iOS and Android) Enjoy this guide during your grocery shopping and gain advice according to the preferences you set. It also provides product comparisons and you can rate products that others in the community can see.

Whether you religiously follow one eating discipline or you like to bounce between a variety, there’s an app to help guide your shopping and keep you on track no matter the plan you follow.

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