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Summer is rapidly approaching and with the warm weather comes tons of great concerts and events. With so much fun to be had it can be difficult keeping track of everything going on so we decided to take a look at some of the best apps out there to help you get the most out of the season.

Shout: Available for free for iOS.


Many times shows are based on a first come, first served basis (think The Tonight Show or any open seating event). If you don’t show up to camp out hours before the actual event, you run the risk of not getting in altogether or if you do, you’re lucky to get nose-bleed seats. Shout is a new app that allows you to connect with the people nearby to sell your “spot” in line. This can include anything from that hard-to-get reservation, to a spot in line at a show, launch or new movie release. Likewise, if your date fell through, there’s no need to let the tickets go to waste; you can sell your spot or ticket last minute. The app allows users to live chat to hammer out details and make payments through the app making transactions seamless.

Songkick: Available for free for iOS and Android


There are a lot of great apps out there for concerts but Songkick is probably one of the greatest. It not only scans your library, Google Music,, iTunes and Spotify accounts to familiarize itself with your taste in music, but it also allows you to edit the artists it tracks because let’s be real, who doesn’t have songs in their libraries they would never want to see live? Then based off of the music it finds, the app provides recommendations, show line-ups, venues, maps, tickets and friend invites. Another nice feature is that this app sends you notifications about the latest concert announcements so you can be sure to never miss a show you really want to see.

As if that weren’t enough Songkick allows you to create a calendar of all the shows you plan to see and exports them to the calendar of your choice. Also if you’d like, it will post these shows to your Facebook timeline so that you can easily coordinate your plans with friends.

 ThrillCall: Available for Free for iOS and Android.


The best nights out always seem to be the ones that happen spontaneously. For those last minute outings with friends or your significant other, ThrillCall is a great way to go. It’s a live music discovery app that enables you to search for and purchase tickets to shows happening nearby. It also offers ‘flash’ show offers that give you exclusive access to some of the best shows in town all within the palm of your hand.

Currently this app is only available in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York with more cities on the way.

JamBase: Available for Free for iOS and Android.

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JamBase is a great tool if you’re a lot like me and live in a city that constantly has a number of shows going on at almost any time that are almost impossible to keep track of. JamBase has one of the largest databases of live music concert information and includes venues of every size imaginable, so you can be sure to keep track of shows that are coming soon rather than finding out when it’s already too late. Similar to other concert apps it will track your favorite artists, save shows to your calendar and share with your friends, but with such a large database of information it’s especially great for catching even the littlest local shows.

Timbre: Available for Free for iOS.

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Have you ever been dragged to the show of an artist you weren’t quite familiar with but attended anyway because friends of yours were going? Or maybe there are some bands coming into town that you’ve never heard of. Timbre is a seamless way to find new music and figure out which shows you’d like to attend ahead of time because all it does is play the music of artists slated to play in your area soon. Tap an artist, and their music starts playing. Swipe left for the next artist, and with them, some more new music. Like what you hear? Tap once and the app directs you to where you can purchase tickets.

Seat Geek: Available for Free for iOS and Android.



As far as overall comprehensive ticket apps go, SeatGeek is probably one of the best! It’s a search engine that scours hundreds of websites including StubHub and Ebay to give you a list of all the best available tickets in one place. It includes everything from concerts to sports, comedy to Broadway shows. It will not only track your favorite artists to let you know when they’re coming to town and recommend shows and events based on your preferences, but it also provides pictures of what your seat view will be like from the tickets you’re looking to purchase to help in making a decision.


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