How Will the Armor Series Enhance Your Smartphone and Your Life? – Armor Series Vs Contest

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When testing the Armor Series, we pushed the boundaries on what we ever thought was possible for a waterproof smartphone case. Seriously, we put Armor Series through some extreme scenarios.

When this waterproof OtterBox case — the Armor Series — held its own against industrial-strength construction equipment, we were impressed. When it survived a 15-foot drop down a waterfall, we were shocked. When we put it in the hands of three uncontrollable children, we were nervous … but then relieved.

Then, We Wondered — What Would Happen If You, Our Loyal Fans and Customers, Met the Armor Series?

At OtterBox, our life is about technology. What is yours about? Are you a busy mother with technology-savvy, yet somewhat destructive, kids? Are you a landscape architect who gets inspiration straight from a source? Or are you a travel-junky, visiting every corner of the world searching for your next adventure? More importantly, if you had the Armor Series on your phone, how would this waterproof OtterBox case enhance your life?

We knew we were onto something with this, which is why we decided to launch the You vs. Armor Series contest in partnership with RadioShack.

What Does This Contest Entail, You Ask? Check Out This Video:


Are you getting psyched yet?

Now, Listen Up for Some Important Contest Details!

Get your creative juices flowing because starting May 15, 2013 we are accepting OtterBox TV YouTube Channel entries for the You vs. Armor Series contest. You have 30 seconds to tell/show/mime/act/sing/dance (insert most any action verb here) why you need the Armor Series to enhance your smartphone and your life.  And you don’t need to case to do it. The sky is the limit …

Okay, we lied. The sky isn’t the limit; more just a figure of speech.

Being Otters, we are a fun loving bunch. But, in certain situations, we have to get serious. Contest rules are one of those situations where all seriousness comes into play. Click here to view the official rules of the You vs. Armor Series contest. Be sure to read and abide by all rules outlined in this document — we would hate to find out that one of our entries are not eligible because you didn’t follow one of our contest rules. So do your due diligence and get to reading!

Now Back to the Fun Stuff

We will accept YouTube video submissions up until June 15, 2013. A panel made up of OtterBox marketing professionals will judge each entry based on these criteria:

  • Creativity
  • Writing quality
  • Video quality
  • Originality

Then, the judges will choose 10 (that’s right, 10!) winners based on the above criteria on or around July 10, 2013. Here’s a breakdown of the winners:

  • 1 Grand Prize Winner
  • 4 Second Prize Winners
  • 5 Third Prize Winners


The Grand Prize Winner will receive a trip for two, complete with a production crew and destination location to film your perfect You vs. Armor Series experience.

If you’re not the Grand Prize Winner, don’t fret — we’ve got awesome RadioShack and OtterBox prizes for the second and third place winners, as well.

Check out the full list of prizes and more important information in the full contest details.

So, There You Have It — the You vs. Armor Series Contest in a Nutshell.

This contest wouldn’t be possible without our partners at RadioShack; a huge cheers and big thanks them! (If you can’t wait for an Armor Series case, head there now… they carry The Toughest Case Ever Built.)

Don’t sit around wondering what you could do with this case. Go do it. And then tell us about it.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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