Austin, TX makes me think of BBQ

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A bunch of Otters are heading to Austin, Texas next week to take part in SXSW. I’m not one of those going so I’m jealous of all the awesome food they will get to enjoy down there. I’ve been to Austin once before, loved it and had some incredible BBQ there too.

Now, you know Texas barbecue is it’s own style, right? It’s all about dry rubs, tough cuts of meet cooked on open pits low and slow until they become tender and flavorful. My first experience with Texas barbecue was about nine years ago when I first visited Houston with the husband. Since then he’s been hooked and has taken to the art of smoking meats.

One book I’ve referenced before and am sure to do again is essential for barbecuing: Smoke and Spice. The rubs, sauce and side recipes have become staples for us year round. We make up double batches of the rubs  and keep them in the freezer for use at a moment’s notice.

Here are some variations on recipes for brisket:

With the weather starting to warm and our Otters heading south, I’m getting a hankering for some good Q. I wish our Austin crew lots of fun and hope they get to enjoy good Texas barbecue while they are there.

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