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Eryc Eyl is a writer, speaker, coach and consultant who helps individuals and organizations integrate work into a meaningful, fulfilling and fun life. You can learn more about him at www.ErycEyl.com.

Inside the Phone of a Doctor

“If you keep track of what you eat and what you do, you’ll be healthier.” […]


Own Your Inbox: 3 Tips to Cure the Email Plague

Let’s face it. Living in the developed world in the 21st century is a pretty […]


Inside the Phone of an Author: Jon Acuff

There was a time when Jon Acuff’s career prospects looked less than stellar. He had […]


Don’t Get Ph-owned: 5 Tips for Better Work/Life Balance

Sometimes, it’s hard to remember life before smartphones. How did we find our way to […]


Inside the Farmer’s Phone

If you think there’s no connection between dairy farming and mobile technology, you probably haven’t […]


Inside the Professional Gamer’s Phone

  Despite what your mom told you, you really can make your living playing video […]


Inside the Rap Artist’s Phone: Yorrissey, BLKHRTS

“I’m a beast with the phone. I’m so brutal.” Mere days before we sat down […]


Inside the Brewmaster’s Phone

Welcome to the second installment of our series that takes you on a guided tour […]


Inside the phone of a Founder

If you’ve ever wanted to get inside the phones of high rollers, big wigs and hot shots, […]


Apps for Rockstars

Make your rock star dreams come true

I know you. I know you have a secret dream – no, a yearning – […]


Travel made easy – Apps for the holidays

Every year at about this time, I get really restless. Maybe it’s because it gets […]