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I am the Digital Solutions Manager. What? you ask. Well, my job consists of leading the amazingly talented digital marketing Otters here as well as providing digital solutions to sales and marketing conundrums. I love using big words, am obsessed with all things LOTR, and am passionate about digital media. Some things you may not know (and may not want to): I have lived in Germany, I am a costumer for a local ballet company and have 3 awesome kids. I generally write about things no one else wants to, so look to me for all things weird.

OMG! Why is it naked?

As an employee of OtterBox, I shudder when I see a phone without protection.  We […]


The Fujitsu ‘F’ Series – Is there such a thing as too much romance?

As we enter into February, it is often the time that many of our hearts […]