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I am a nerd who loves numbers, and my wife and two sons (both under two years old). I enjoy weight lifting, basketball, zombies on Call of Duty and 2 Chainz! My favorite authors are Malcolm Gladwell, Bill Simmons and Charles Schultz. I use a Samsung Galaxy S3, and I have used many smartphones including the Blackberry Pearl and Bold and Motorola Droid, Droid X, Droid X2 and RAZR. I work as a market analyst at OtterBox, an ideal career considering my love of technology, numbers and challenging problems.

A Good Side of Gaming

    I admit it. I love to play video games. I started with the […]


I’ll send my car to get you.

My wife and I recently welcomed a second boy to our family and I began […]


Growing up mobile

Being a parent of a young boy (soon to be boys) in the mobile era […]