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Hi! I'm Storm resident technology freak and internet nut. I run Social and Online Content Strategy for OtterBox. I'm aggressively unfancy and not a member of the X-Men. I also write the Tiberious blogs for OtterBox.

OtterBox Melges 32 Sailing Series

Every year sailors around the world head to the Virgin Islands to experience reliable breezes, […]


OtterBox at SXSW Interactive — Day 4

SXSW Interactive is winding down and only has a few more sessions before it’s officially […]


OtterBox Live from SXSW — Day 3

Day 3 of the Interactive portion of SXSW was filled with Internet topics from Grumpy […]


OtterBox Live from SXSW — Day 2

Day 2 of #SXSW was once again plagued by rain in the morning, so we […]


OtterBox at SXSW — Day 1

Every year, thousands of people descend upon Austin like ants to a picnic for South […]


Tiberius the Techie

12/25/2012 – Merry Christmas! We have conquered yet another Christmas. Geek out to these awesome […]


Plot your course with Tiberius the Techie

If you’re like me, the Christmas season can stress you out. You get noisy relatives […]


#protectme means what?

Love to get in line early, camp out overnight and be one of the first […]


Heading to the great outdoors…These apps will help

Being a freestyle kayaker may not be as high tech as being a CEO, a […]