Average Joe? Yeah right.

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‘sup bro? The holidays are upon us but I’m here to help. Hi, I’m Joe – and I’m anything but your Average Joe. I’m as multi-faceted as you are. I can manage a fantasy football league, play on four intramural teams, score chicks, win a Superbowl pool, fix my car, play Madden and beer-pong simultaneously – all while utilizing my college degree to use words like “multi-faceted” and “simultaneously”. This holiday I’m gonna help you stay on top of your fantasy football league, game times, local hot spots, gift ideas and, yes, organizing your gift shopping. Not to mention giving you holiday lighting ideas that would leave even the great Clark Griswold green with envy. So this holiday season, keep me safe in an OtterBox cuz I’m better than any wingman you’ve ever partied with.

When I’m not having a cold one with some chicken wings, I’m doing one or all of the following:

  • Playing intramural sports
  • Watching Sports Center
  • Playing Madden
  • Dominating beer pong
  • Fixing stuff I broke trying to fix it the first time
  • Trying to figure out my girlfriend
  • Thinking about how I should really start working out again

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