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We recently came across this crazy video of an amazing product called the iWound and it got me to thinking about all the cool ways you can incorporate technology or tech themes into Halloween costumes. Here are some of the craziest, wackiest and coolest tech costume ideas we could find. Nerd out!

The iWound/DigitalDudz

DigitalDudz turn an average t-shirt into an interactive eye-catching piece of technology. All you need to make a scene at your next Halloween party is a smartphone, a DigitalDudz t-shirt, some duct tape and their free app.

The iWound is a latex wound that holds a smart phone turning your Halloween costume into a disgusting display of awesomeness. Check out the video to see how you can gross out your friends this Halloween.

Michael Jackson light up shoes

Relive the 80s with these awesome Michael Jackson light up shoes. The boards have pressure sensors in them so that they light up every time you take a step. You’ll have every Suzie, Karen and Billie Jean falling for you with this piece of technology. You simply can’t beat it. (Yeah…I said it.)

Transforming Bumblebee

This costume definitely is more than meets the eye. As if the Bumblebee costume isn’t cool enough, it actually transforms into a yellow Camaro. Get to work on your own version and prepare for the revenge of the fallen.

Pac Man

Retro is in and so is this awesome geek-costume. This guy is reliving his childhood days with a walking, playable Pac Man arcade game. Can you beat this high score?

Light up Daft Punk Helmet

Make your Halloween costume harder, better, faster and stronger this year with a fully functional, light up Daft Punk helmet. You can be the talk of the party and be known around the world. One more time …  around the world.


This guy is the epitome of an Apple fan boy. He has created an oversized iPhone (or maybe the iPad Maximus?) that has a “functional,” beautifully large display. Can you top this?

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