Awkward Moments Courtesy of Your Dead Smartphone Battery

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We all panic when that 20 percent battery life alert pops up and there’s not outlet in sight. Whether at the airport, in the car or out on the town, there are always those awkward moments you wish your smartphone was fully charged.

  1. Missed connection: That moment when you’re sitting on the disgusting airport terminal carpet so you can simultaneously plug in, check emails, browse your Instagram feed and play Candy Crush. Don’t even try to guess what that stain you’re cozied up next to is.
  2. Bartender!: That moment when you have to plead with the bartender to PLEASE plug in your phone behind the bar, only to spend the remainder of your evening staring at it longingly. So close, yet so far…
  3. Be right there: That moment when you arrive at your destination but remain in your car for a few more minutes to squeeze some additional battery power from the cigarette lighter. Talk about an addiction.
  4. The battery watch: Those moments you spend checking to see if you’re battery is dead yet, which is actually causing your battery to drain faster.
  5. Cool story bro: That moment when you just finished explaining the latest YouTube cat video, but cannot seal the deal by showing said video because your phone might go dead. You are now the lamest storyteller EVER!
  6. Vulturing: That moment you’re stalking wall outlets in the airport, at the coffee shop, etc. Hovering and eyeing other potential vultures to determine their weaknesses should it come down to fisticuffs.
  7. You totally missed it: That moment your phone is about to go dead just as you’re anticipating the deets for an epic night on the town. Panic sets in.
  8. Unfinished business: That moment when you don’t get to finish your tex…
  9. When you get all dressed up for a selfie and your camera won’t open.
  10. When you need to avoid that awkward moment by pretending to text.
  11. When you’re texting your crush – now you’ll never know if he/she texted you back.

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