Baby Tech You Don’t Really Want, But You Need

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With each year, we see a fresh batch of the latest and greatest technology with everything from new tablets to recreational drones. With the vast amount of new tech released each year, there’s bound to be something for every age – even those who can’t yet speak. That’s right, even babies need technology – or at least, their tech-savvy parents do.

Here’s the best of the best for parents and babies of 2014:

Mimo Baby

Retails for: $199.00 (starter kit)

Why you need it: Mimo Baby is a “smart baby onesie” by Intel, which keeps track of infants’ health in the crib for parents – including respiratory rate, body temperature, heart rate, activity level and even evaluation of traumatic brain injury and concussions. The onesies include two green stripes across the front which act as sensors – allowing parents to know how their infant is doing via smartphone app, rather trying to interpret cries and sounds through an outdated audio-only monitor.

4Moms MamaRoo Bouncer

Retails for: $219.00

Why you need it: 4Moms MamaRoo Bouncer isn’t your average baby swing. This innovative bouncer has different modes including kangaroo, car ride, tree swing and ocean – soothing even the fussiest babies. The seat reclines for napping or sits upright for playing and includes a mobile, nature sounds and built-in speaker for iPods and smartphones. Parents even have the option to record their own voice and have it play on repeat while their baby swings peacefully – allowing you to finally get to that laundry that’s been sitting for the past two weeks.


Withings Smart Baby Scale

Retails for: $179.95

Why you need it: Unlike the cold, inconvenient scale at the pediatrician’s office, this at-home baby scale measures your baby’s weight within 10 grams of accuracy in a stylish cradle, no matter how wriggly and restless he or she may be. The scale connects to an app on parents’ smartphones, allowing you to track your baby’s growth on your own, so you know where he or she is at and what he needs developmentally, even in between check-ups.

OtterBox Tablet Case –  Defender Series

Retails for: Varies depending on your tablet

Why you need it: Your kids are going to want to play with your cool new tablet. There are a lot of cool games and learning apps that will keep them occupied for hours. Protect your tablet, with the best tablet case for kids – the OtterBox Defender Series. Available for all the latest tablets, including the iPad Air, iPad mini, Amazon Kindle and Galaxy Tab.

Moneaul Baby Monitor

Retails for: Not released, expected early 2014

Why you need it: In the realm of baby monitors, Moneaul Baby Monitor is top of the line. This monitor listens for the baby’s cry, alerts parents via LED lights on wristbands telling the parent what the child needs. The monitor is so sensitive that it claims to be able to interpret the baby’s cry to tell mom and dad why their little one is upset, whether it hunger, sleepiness, needing a diaper change, etc. An app is also available for parents to keep track of the data and the baby’s crying history over time.

Now, at the end of the day, does anyone really need any of these fancy baby gizmos and gadgets? Probably not, but it’s OK to want them. Baby technology has come a long way; now with real potential to help parents by saving time and energy.

And after all, we do know that happy parents have happy babies.

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