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With school just around the corner, it’s time to start gearing up. School shopping today, however, has evolved from running up and down the aisles of office supply stores to tapping and scrolling through mobile app stores. After all, what good is that fancy new tablet without the proper educational apps installed and ready to go for the first day back?

The Best Back-to-School Apps

Here are the top five must-have apps for the 2013 school year, from middle school to graduate school:


POB-IMG-SCHOOL-APPS-01Google Play Books

Standing in line at the campus store to purchase textbooks might just be the worst part of back to school shopping in itself. Not to mention the hole in your wallet, the added weight in your bag, or the pains of attempting to return your damaged books back at less than a quarter of the price at the end of the semester. Download Google Play Books for Android or iOS and say sayonara to the campus store – forever. Google Play Books offers discounted textbooks for rent, saving you up to 80 percent and with the added ability to search, highlight, annotate and much more.
Free for iOS and Android



Sick of buying notebooks, pens, binders, paper and more? Ditch ‘em. From now on, use Evernote, the free app available for Android or iOS and synchronize notes, photos and voice memos to the Evernote website. Your notes are now electronic, searchable and tag-able.  You can be organized this school year – it is now possible.
Free for iOSAndroid, and Windows



Nothing really beats the feeling of a freshly finished term paper, the night before the due date. After weeks of stressing you are finally finish—wait, you forgot the bibliography. Instead of frantically searching for stylistic rules, authors, publishing dates and more — simply download EasyBib, the free bibliography generator for Android and iOS. EasyBib instantly generates citations in MLA, APA and Chicago Style for books, websites, journals and more and allows for a single sign-on via Google Apps. You can now breathe again; your bibliography just wrote itself.
Free for iOS and Android



Never again will you leave a paper at home on the day it’s due. Your files will be kept stored and safe in a cloud without the hassle of emailing them to yourself, loading them on a USB, or any other inconvenient method you’ve used in the past. Dropbox syncs your files for free online and across your devices, Android or iOS. Although, the downfall being that the dog ate your homework is no longer a valid excuse.
Free for iOS, Android, and Windows


POB-IMG-SCHOOL-APPS-05Graphing Calculator

Notoriously, the most expensive part of back to school shopping has always been the large, dreaded graphing calculator. No longer will you have to drop over $50 on a calculator; use that extra cash for a new first day outfit as this expanded scientific calculator is free for Android users. Graphing calculator allows you to graph multiple equations and even share them via email for study groups.
Free for Android


This year, spend five minutes back to school app shopping and save yourself unlimited amounts of agony before the first bell even rings. I’d call that a win.

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