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More and more businesses have been switching to small portable card readers like Square or PayPal Here. Now, many developers are attempting to make paying on the go even easier by switching from traditional credit card friction payments, to wireless payments made possible with your smartphone. We put together what we consider to be some of the best mobile payment apps available, let us know in the comments section if you have any additions to the list!

POB-IMG-062613-MOBILE-PAYMENT-APPS-05PayPal (for iOS, Android, and Windows)

Most people out there have undoubtedly used PayPal at some point in their online shopping travels. Most sites (including!) now accept PayPal as a payment method at checkout. PayPal’s mobile app allows you to have on-the-go access to all of the major features of your account!

POB-IMG-062613-MOBILE-PAYMENT-APPS-01Google Wallet (for Android)

Another fantastic tool from Google, Wallet does exactly what it sounds like – electronically storing credit and debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express or discover.  Simply select the card you want to use on the app, and tap your phone to the sale terminal. The transaction is completed through NFC (near field communication). As a security feature, the app includes its own PIN and you can remotely disable the app through the web if your phone gets lost. Unfortunately, this app is only available for a limited number of Android devices.

POB-IMG-062613-MOBILE-PAYMENT-APPS-02SquareWallet (for iOS and Android)

Square is quickly growing as a very popular way for businesses, particularly small businesses, to accept traditional credit card payments while on the go. Now, with Square Wallet users can make payments using only their smartphone. Simply check in to the retailer you are visiting, and tell the friendly cashier your name. Voila, a photo of you is pulled up for the cashier and once payment is confirmed, you are on your way. This intuitive app also allows users to keep track of rewards programs and receipts. As with many mobile payment apps, the retailer must support Square Wallet in order to use the app at that location.

POB-IMG-062613-MOBILE-PAYMENT-APPS-03LevelUp (for iOSAndroid and Windows)

Similar to other mobile payment apps, LevelUp can be used to make payments using your smartphone at participating retailers. What makes this app unique, however, is the built-in reward system. On your first visit to a LevelUp retailer the app automatically helps you save a few dollars in the form of credit. If you continue to visit that retailer, the app lets you unlock even more credit to use at that business. This is a great incentive for customers and drives repeat business to participating retailers.

POB-IMG-062613-MOBILE-PAYMENT-APPS-04Dwolla (for iOS, Android and Windows)

Dwolla brings mobile payments to a more personal level by allowing users to send and receive money to and from friends through Facebook, Twitter, E-mail or SMS. You can also use Dwolla to make payments without your credit card at select merchants. To make it even easier, users can use the Proxi feature to quickly locate local retailers that accept Dwolla.



These apps are a great way to store and use payment information – make sure you keep these financial tools safe in an OtterBox!

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