Become a Periscope Pro in 5 Easy Steps

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Is it possible you haven’t heard about Periscope? It’s the hot new app (launched by Twitter) that‘s taking the smartphone world by storm.

Periscope lets you broadcast your world, LIVE, and watch ‘scopes’ from around the world. You can comment on live broadcasts, ask questions and show the love! By double tapping your screen you can give hearts to the person you’re watching.

Periscope gives you access into the worlds of your favorite celebrities and brands, and unlike most social channels, lets you interact with them live!

So, what do you need to do to rock Periscope? Here are my top five suggestions:

It’s all about the lighting, dahling

Because the video is streaming live, the quality is … shall we say … vintage? Make sure you have the best possible lighting and that you hold your phone as still as possible, or you will look like the Tasmanian Devil after too much Red Bull.

Don’t forget to tag

When you tell people what your scope is about, make sure you use relevant hashtags. This way, when you post to Twitter, people outside your follower-base have a better chance of seeing your scope and tuning in.



Promote your scope

At least half an hour before you plan to broadcast, let your Twitter followers know. Post a pre-broadcast tweet — make sure you use those hashtags — and an image if you’ve got one (Tweets with images get five times the interaction of their plain text counterparts).





Take a breath

To show your viewers what you’re seeing, or to flip them back around to see your gorgeous face, all you have to do is double tap on the screen. This causes the audio to pause momentarily, though. Make sure you account for that so your viewers don’t miss your words of wisdom!

Power, STAT!

Streaming live video is battery-intensive. Get an OtterBox Resurgence Power Case because trust me, there is nothing worse than running out of juice right in the middle of an epic scope and leaving your viewers hanging!

Other tips, tricks and rumors:

There are rumors that Twitter will soon add a map view so you can specifically tune in to scopes near you (or in Barbados, if that’s where you wish you were).

We’ve also heard that searching for worldwide scopes based on the topics you are interested in is coming soon. I really hope that one comes to fruition!

Did you know you can search by bio, not just user name, to find people you’re interested in? Providing it’s in their bio, or they tweet about it a lot, Periscope will offer up suggestions based on any topic that tickles your fancy.




Currently you can only give a broadcaster 500 hearts per stream. Once you’ve spent all 500 you have to leave the scope and rejoin to give more love. But don’t worry, that’s an awful lot of hearts.

Did you know you can zoom while Periscoping? If you want to show your viewers something in the distance without getting any closer (perhaps you’ve just spotted Kanye and Kim fighting over who’s selfie is better), just pinch outwards on the screen.

If you’re watching a broadcast and you want to reply directly to another viewer’s comment, just tap on the viewer’s profile pic and choose the reply option. This automatically populates their user name into your comment box.

Watching something amazing? You can share a live broadcast with your followers by tapping the ‘share’ icon on the stats screen any time during the stream.






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