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With the release of the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, Apple has shelled out two of their most impressive devices to date. It goes without saying that the iPad revolutionized the tablet market. Apple’s ever-so-innovative tablets have inspired some of the most ingenious, fun and useful apps out there. There are a mind-boggling 1.2 million apps available on the App Store — from games, to shopping and everything in between. Here are some we guarantee you to love:

For having Fun (Games):


QuizUpTM, Free for iOS

QuizUP is the ultimate multiplayer trivia game you can play online against friends, family, your mortal enemies or other gamers around the world. With over 550 topics ranging from pop culture to super obscure scientific facts, to sports trivia, you never have to worry about running out of content to test your trivia knowledge on. You can level up and gain prestige with new titles in your favorite subjects. For example, I am obsessed with world flags and have the title of “Amateur Vexilologist” — in other words I’m a flag nerd.


Asphalt 8, Free for iOS

Touted as the “best arcade racing game series” for iOS, this is literally one of the most impressive games I have ever seen on any device. Asphalt 8 has incredibly realistic graphics and tons of mini-games where you can challenge racers online. Trust me, if you have an iPad and want to see the visual graphics capabilities of your device — get this game.

For more Storage:


Google Drive (Free for iOS)

Do you want an extra 15GB of storage for your photos, videos and documents? Then get Google Drive! You can easily access your files on any device or computer.

For Shopping:


eBay, Free for iOS

eBay for iPad is an all-access pass to the world’s largest marketplace. You can easily bid on, buy and sell items at the touch of a finger. They’ve optimized this version specifically for the iPad with seamless scrolling, advanced search and high-resolution pictures — you’ve never seen eBay look so good.


Shopsavvy, Free for iOS

Described as the “one stop resource to save time and money and get all the best sales from your favorite stores,” Shopsavvy is the ultimate shopper’s guide to getting the best deal on any product. With Shopsavvy you can easily:

  • Scan or search for products to find the lowest prices
  • Read product details and see how much you can save right away
  • Enable alerts on any search and get notified whenever there are new deals just for you
  • Browse their comprehensive list of sales from hundreds of the top retailers and big brands, updated in real time

For Watching Videos/Movies:



YouTube, Free for iOS

It’s safe to say YouTube is the king of video-playing apps. With literally hundreds of millions of videos and millions of hours of content uploaded every day, you’ll never get bored. From cat videos to your favorite YouTube channels, watching videos is just better on an iPad.


Netflix, Free for iOS

Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your iPad. This Netflix iPad app delivers the best experience anywhere, anytime. I personally like the convenience of watching movies while lounging on my couch with my iPad rested on my lap.


For School/Productivity:


Notability, $2.99 for iOS

Quite possibly the greatest note taking app there is, Notability lets users take “beautiful notes” with the ability to type or handwrite notes, sketch drawings, snap photos or videos, and record audio clips. For example, record your teacher’s lecture while taking notes for playback that simultaneously links your notes to the audio clip. Simply tap a word, drawing or picture to hear exactly what was said when you added it.

My favorite feature is the ability to mark up documents. Whether on a journal article, PDF, or lecture slides, Notability allows you to highlight and write on documents — you can even fill out forms for PDFs with it.

Other tips to keep in mind:

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