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Welcome back, it’s been about three weeks since BlackBerry brought the Z10 to the world. We haven’t seen the device in the wild in the United States, but our brethren up north and the Red Coats (do we still call them that?) across the pond have been doing their best manhandling these new devices.

According to a report by The Globe and Mail, the Z10 is outselling the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S3 devices in Canada. The data was produced by Glentel, Inc., who said the BlackBerry Z10 was “the leading smartphone” sold within its 330 Canadian Wirelesswave and Wave Sans Fil stores since the launch on February 5th.

One factor that I find exciting about the Z10 is the commitment to not make it an overly large device. I do wear glasses (with a prescription), so screen visibility is important to me but I’m willing to opt for a smaller screen. The manipulation of the device with one hand is critical to me when moving through my day. Especially when I’m out shooting photos. I can navigate one device per hand and still fire off a text from the other hand, letting a client know that it’s acceptable to move a meeting.

SXSW is quickly approaching. During these multi-day conferences, you are bombarded with messages. “Where’s the next party?” “We’re standing in line, about to get into the concert – HURRY.” “I haven’t slept in a week.” The usual. Most of you will understand, though, that these messages don’t all arrive via the same platform. Being as connected as I am, I can get these messages via text, @ reply on twitter, a twitter direct message, facebook wall posts, facebook message, skype, gtalk, and if things get really crazy, linkedin. It never fails. Swiping over to the BlackBerry Hub allows most of these messages to be warehoused in the same area which makes responding to this barrage of messages much faster. Instead of dancing around the device to find where I need to find that message, the list is consistently running in one area. Now I can update my friends from around the country to meet me on top of Fogo de Chao for a Xingu while we wait for the Atlas Genius concert to kick off. Aside: if you haven’t heard these Aussies and you’re at SXSW, go find them, they’re worth your time.

When the network is saturated and you’re hard at work all day tossing emails and messages out into the ether, your battery is going to take a beating. Sure, external chargers exist. Or, if you’re ingenious, you bring an external battery, toss it in your backpack and run a ten foot cable from your bag to your phone. If that’s a little unsightly, the BlackBerry Z10 let’s you swap batteries. It’s a much more handsome and streamlined approach to power, but you are grown enough to make your own choices. The beauty of the external battery is also in the ability to responsibly discard a battery whose life has been consumed and replace it quickly with a new one, while devices with built in batteries require service and an expensive replacement. You might not be affected today, but sooner or later, you will have to deal with that eventuality.

The device is developed with your efficiency as the center of its attention. BlackBerry seems to ask “How can I make your communications faster, so you can get more done?” As the updates to the operating system continue to push out, I’m excited to see how else BlackBerry anticipates our busy lives to be able to work quickly. Tell us what type of functionality you are looking for?


BlackBerry enthusiast Nan Palmero is a self-described nerd-to-English translator. A 2009 San Antonio Business Journal “40 Under 40″ winner, he is a black belt in Isshinryu karate and a marathon runner. Nan’s photos have been featured by publications including The New Yorker, Popular Mechanics and Wired and he has written articles for Qualcomm and the San Antonio Business Journal. You can follow Nan’s BlackBerry commentary at

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