May: National Bike Month

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May is National Bike Month! In an effort to encourage everyone to get outside, regardless of the reason, events like Bike to Work Week (May 11- 15) and Bike to Work Day (May 15th) are hosted during May. Whether you’re just learning about these events or you’re already a seasoned participant, there are many beneficial reasons to consider riding your bike. Not only does it improve your stamina, cardio-vascular fitness, coordination and heart health, it also helps to reduce stress and is better for the environment. Riding your bike can even be a break on your wallet: less spent on gas and, in some situations, it’s even a tax deduction. And that’s just a quick list of reasons!


At OtterBox, we share a love of cycling culture with not only Fort Collins (hello, Tour De Fat) but also the national cycling community in general. Along with Twitter, Google, Zappos and more, Otter Products was recognized for bike friendly facilities and regular involvement in the city’s biannual Bike to Work Day, earning  a “silver” business status from the League of American Bicyclists.



In addition to our on-site bike maintenance workshop, we’re lucky enough to have an on-site fitness facility which that caters to other forms of exercise, including group classes with a trainer and a gym. Our reputation for having a culture of health is largely due to the multitude of small decisions Otters make every day:


  • For some Otters, bike commuting isn’t always practical. So many folks intentionally park their cars as far as possible from the office to get in those extra steps.
  • Unless they’re hauling a basket of fresh fruit to the top floor, Otters consistently take the stairs. Depending on your weight, you can burn up to 10 calories per minute by choosing the stairs over the elevator!




  • Around here, conference rooms are in high demand and short supply. The solution? Walking meetings or if we have a meeting in another building in town, we walk or jump on one of the many free-to-use scooters that are usually around.
  • During lunch or after work, we take advantage of the on-site workout facility located in our basement, or Yoga classes offered in the office.
  • Lifestyle Challenges! Once a year, we participate in a 10-week, team-based wellness challenge where teams log daily fitness, nutrition and wellness activities online to earn points and win prizes. It’s a great way to empower employees to seek wellness and do so in a healthy but competitive way.




Small decisions can have huge impacts. Getting outdoors into the fresh air and natural light not only burns calories but can stimulate creativity. Staying active throughout your workday is a small change that has a huge impact on your mental and physical well being. Whatever your reason may be, strive to make the changes towards wellness that work best for you. You can start by riding your bike!



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