Brace Yourself, Spring is coming…

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Do warmer temperatures and melting snow make you exclaim “hooray, it’s almost spring!” or ominously murmur “alas, spring is nigh” as you think of your neglected winter fitness? Whether it’s bikini season or parka season, staying fit at work is easier than you think.

Fortunately OtterBox has the reputation for having a culture of health in large part due to the multitude of small decisions Otters make every day:

  • For some Otters, bike commuting isn’t always practical. So many folks intentionally park their cars as far as possible from their workplace to get in those extra steps (without ever taking their eyes off their smartphones).
  • Unless they’re hauling a basket of fresh fruit to the top floor, Otters consistently take the stairs. Depending on your weight, you can burn up to 10 calories per minute by choosing the stairs over the elevator!
  • Around here, conference rooms are in high demand and short supply. The solution? Walking meetings. Getting outdoors with fresh air and natural light not only burns calories but can stimulate creativity.
  • Flash Fitness! Choose an activity, put on a song (SFW) and do the activity for the length of the song. Calf raises, push-ups, arm circles, mix it up! You’ll get back to work energized, focused and alert.

Small decisions can have huge impacts. Staying active throughout your workday will make you say “hooray!” at the prospect of trading your sweaters for swimwear.

— Brantley Eaton, OtterLife Coordinator

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