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Carrying your Motorola S11 headphones to the gym, the office or around town? These headphones are made for ultimate comfort and sound, and they can go anywhere. The question is how do you bring them on a hike, or to the beach without the risk of damaging your latest music tool?

OtterBox has come to the rescue with the new protective, stylish, top-of-the-line Motorola S11 Flex HD headset case debuting today at

The OtterBox headset case is made up of an external poly-carbonate that is crush resistant and internal foam that resists bacteria. You’ve also got a cushioned compartment to store your battery, charging cord and additional ear buds. Take everything you need with you on the go and never stop listening to your latest favorite jam or audio book.

Now you have the power of OtterBox to provide a safe and secure, sweat and odor resistant environment for storing your headset. Get your case at

Comment below with the reason why you need the Motorola S11 Headset and case and one lucky person will be chosen randomly to receive both.

>>>Update on 1/17/2013>>>
We have chosen a winner. Congratulations  Chris A!

From the winner:
I am excited to win these headphones because in my line of work as a lineman it is important to be able to use both hands and clearly communicate with others in the field safely. With loud trucks around single ear bluetooth headsets just don’t cut it.

These will work well for me by giving me the ability to clearly and comfortably communicate with my coworkers to get my job done safely and efficiently. With the added otterbox case I am not afraid of tossing them on the ground in my truck. That case is a solid piece of hardware!

The last thing we want is people to be out of cable at 2 in the morning after a car hits a telephone pole.

Thank you again and again. These headphones are amazing!

Winner of the Motorola Headphones

Winner of the Motorola Headphones

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