Build your own Defender Series

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Build Your Own

At OtterBox, we focus on protecting your mobile devices.  Now you can protect those devices your way.

The crew at OtterBox is really enthusiastic about a new, extremely exciting and colorful  special. Build your own Defender Series case.

You now have the chance to customize your best accessory with our various inner plastic and outer silicone color options. Not only are you able to customize your smartphone with one of our  unique color combinations, you also have the opportunity to change things up a bit just because.

Some color combos that our otters are sporting are:

Deep Teal Blue and Sun Yellow – Danny T., Email Marketing Specialist

Deep Teal Blue and Peony Pink – Sean M., Social Media Specialist

Deep Plum and Light Teal Blue – Emily M., Copy Writer

Deep Teal Blue and Gunmetal Grey – Storm T., Social Media Lead

Black and Blaze Orange – Jessi Q., Email Marketing Specialist

What’s your favorite color combo? Let us know in the comments below!

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