BUM — Telling You Where to Go, When You Gotta Go

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Let’s set the stage here: With a gourmet espresso machine spitting out custom lattes, cappuccinos and Americanos at the touch of a button, a soda fountain with 8 types of pop, flavor infused water that changes weekly (this week’s flavor is strawberry ginger) and a refrigerator keg it’s safe to say Otters are constantly surrounded by liquid (pun intended).

With all of these beverages at our disposal, nature calling is inevitable. And all of these liquid perks make the bathrooms a popular place to frequent at OtterBox. So when we heard about the BUM bathroom software, we almost peed our pants (from excitement and all the strawberry ginger water in our systems).

POB-IMG-062413-BUMBUM software, an acronym for bathroom usage monitor, is an OSX desktop app developed by employees at Sanborn Media Factory. Inspired by the straightforward timer-app, Thyme, and comprised of a photoresistor light sensor and wireless connection, the software tells office workers when a certain office bathroom is available. Employees can be notified via the desktop app each time there is a bathroom vacancy, and they have the option to click on the icon at anytime to check on the office bathroom’s “occupancy rate.”

According to their website, it took Sanborn Media Factory roughly 20 hours and $75 in equipment to develop the OSX app … a small price to pay for an awesome office software, if you ask us.

So we got curious: What problems do you encounter at your office? Have you come up with innovative solutions to fix these problems? We’re all about innovative solutions at OtterBox, so let’s here yours!

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