Burner: Your Defense Against Dating Disasters

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Have you ever had an awkward first date that goes horribly wrong … yet your date continues to text and call you after the event?! This can get quite frustrating and can leave you in a predicament where you would usually have only two choices:

  1. Ignore the texts and calls in the hope that they stop – this may sound like the easiest option but some people can be quite persistent. I know someone who received over 200 texts even though they didn’t reply! Do you really want this clogging up your inbox?
  2. Contact them and explain that you’re not interested – your date may be nice and not text or call again but there are still the few who will continue to pester you, even after you’ve explained yourself.

POB-IMG-052813-BURNER-APP-1Fear not — there’s a third choice now

Of course you could purchase a second phone to use on your dates but this just seems like too much hassle as most of us find it hard enough to manage one phone. Luckily, AdHocLabs has felt your pain and developed the Burner app that can provide you with infinite disposable numbers that can be used for a set period of time or minutes/texts and once this is used up the number is deleted forever.

Now, this doesn’t mean there will never be a second date, all you have to do is let the date know that you have a new number to contact you. We think you will really enjoy this app, but since you need a smartphone to access it, don’t forget to protect it with an OtterBox protective case.

Even though we are showing you how to protect your phone from random texts and calls, imagine the fun you could have with your friends, now we’re not recommending that you create a new number and pretend to be that amazing guy/girl that your friend met on a night out but we’re sure you could find some way to have fun with this fantastic app …


What do you think? Could this app save you a lot of trouble? Let us know about your first date blues in the comment section below.

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