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Cabbage soupA couple weeks ago we bought a head of cabbage to cook up in a braise with some carrots and the way things went that day, we never got around to it. So I was thinking about what to make with the cabbage and being that I was in the middle of a cold all I could think of was soup.

I like to randomly toss a lot of things in a pot and make a soup so why not cabbage? I figured I’d start by chopping the cabbage, the carrots and tossing in a can of white beans and maybe black beans too, a can of diced tomatoes and this fist-sized chunk of frozen green chili I knew we had in the freezer, all simmered together in some chicken broth. Sounds awesome, right?

Well it came out even better than that. My husband emailed me asking what I’d like for dinner that day so I described the soup I was thinking of. He said that a key ingredient was missing, “meat.” And I told him its ok to have a meatless meal now and then and figured he was dismissing my idea for dinner.

To my surprise, when I came home from work, he had the pot of soup simmering with a couple of additions of his own. He chopped a potato into small chunks and added that in and he added a liberal dusting of dried red New Mexico chili powder to the mix.

For just wanting to eat up some cabbage, we had a feast of spicy awesomeness. And after a day or two it seemed even spicier, but still awesome. It was perfect and just what I needed to burn my cold right out of my system.

It was funny though, when I was thinking about the soup, I looked up some recipes and did you know there is a whole diet based on cabbage soup? Weird, but there is.

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