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As much as I’d like to stop the counter from adding one more tick, my birthday is almost here. And, despite the growing older part, I really like to make birthday’s a festive occasion and my favorite part of my birthday is cake. Presents, too, of course, but cake is my first priority. And, because it’s my birthday, all rules and good behaviors don’t exist for the whole day. I could have cake for breakfast, a mid-morning cake snack, cake with lunch, an afternoon cake snack and a massive piece of cake after dinner. If I were to actually eat this much cake in one day, my digestive system would throw a complete revolt and I’d be totally sick. But, I really like the IDEA of eating as much cake as I want because it’s my birthday. It can’t be just any cake though. I can’t decide whether the cake part is my favorite or the frosting part is the fav. For me both elements have to be exquisite. My cake tastes have definitely matured from my youth when my favorite cake was cherry chip from a box with vanilla frosting from a jar. Well, beyond the box-cake years, we make all our cakes from scratch or we get them from Whole Foods. A few years ago, the husband surprised me with a homemade Boston Cream Pie (which is really a cake). And another year made me an orange citrus cake with orange butter cream frosting. Both were remarkable and yes, I know I’m spoiled. When thinking of memorable cakes in my life, I think of my wedding cake as one of the best I’ve ever had. It was a champagne cake with cream cheese frosting and peaches between the layers. That cake was like nothing I’ve had before or since. The husband isn’t fond of sweets while I’m a total sugar-holic and this cake was fabulous for both of our tastes. For my daughter’s fifth birthday I went a little crazy for the cake. My sweet friend is a real pastry chef and gets to make cake for a living. I talked her into decorating the cake and I did the baking. I made three different types of cake for the layers and she made the cream cheese frosting. The result was a remarkable pink tower of yumminess. Another special cake that I remember well is the giant smiley face cake I made for my friend’s 40th birthday party. It was red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and not a crumb was left when everyone went home. I’ve NEVER had zero cake left after a party. That was a first and a moment of personal pride that everyone ate the WHOLE thing. This year for my birthday I’ve employed my seven-year-old daughter as an agent of my wishes and have told her exactly what I’d like. This way when she’s shopping with the husband she can make sure I get a lovely lemon chiffon cake from Whole Foods or their perfect-every-time Berry Chantilly cake. I’d really like the lemon chiffon though. Just thinking about it makes me happy. Cross your fingers for me that I get the lemon cake this year. Thanks!

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