CES and Protection for What’s Next

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Otters Tebow-ing in the CES booth

I have two emotions going on right now: the first is complete bafflement, seriously, how did it get to be CES again already?! And the second is excitement. Every year, new technology is rolled out, some of which we will see in stores this year and some of which are pie in the sky ideas that are starting to take form… and will inevitably change something about our lives. Some of the technology reminds me of something from a science fiction novel; how exciting that we get to live in such an innovative time!

At OtterBox, we are unveiling our newest marketing campaign: Protection for What’s Next. After all, we are all about protecting your next device, next project or next adventure. To celebrate this event, we have a great giveaway going on at CES… we’ll be looking for great stories and the winner will experience their next adventure on us!

But wait, you say, what about me? The cool person who just couldn’t make it this year? No worries! We’ve got you covered. Check out our CES landing page, where you can check out photos from CES. We will be posting these throughout the show to share with you the coolest, quirkiest or just downright weirdest stuff at the show. We’ll also be tracking the reports from the show via Twitter AND… yes, we have a contest just for you, our awesome Otter fans. Tell us YOUR next and you might just win an airline voucher (worth up to $1000) to take you to your next adventure.

Because what are we about? Protection for your very next… whatever that is.

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