Champagne and the Oscars

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Champagne cocktailI’m having a few friends over to watch the Oscars and can’t wait for the big event! I just love to watch this awards show every year no matter how many nominated movies I’ve actually seen. I really enjoy all of the glamour, glitz and drama of it. I know it baffles my brother-in-law how I can be so into the celebrity gossip scene, but it’s a favorite diversion of mine.

With friends coming over and it being the Oscars I want to make a fun and fancy signature cocktail for the evening and I’m thinking champagne should be one of the ingredients. I’ve got a couple cocktail books at home, but thought I’d start out with a Google search for recipes. I had no idea there are so many champagne-inspired drinks to choose from.

This Mandarin Cocktail sounds really good.

And Champagne Punch sounds amazing.

The Kir Royales might be perfect.

But how can I pass up the Pear and Cranberry Bellini?

And you can never go wrong with a Sangria especially with champagne in it. But the Prosecco Sangria will have to wait until summertime so that I have the freshest fruits available.

This seems to be the standard list of champagne cocktails.

And, wow, the Drinks Mixer site has over 239 champagne cocktail recipes.

Now I’m off to shop for ingredients. I’ll most definitely make the punch and have around ingredients to experiment with a couple of the other recipes. Happy Oscar watching. Let’s hope Billy Crystal brings his usual magic to the show.

And don’t forget… always drink responsibly!

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