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If you ask anyone who has braved a Chicagoan winter what they love most about Chicago, chances are they’ll tell you SUMMER. Street fests, cookouts, long bike rides, iced coffee and the lakefront are a few of the best parts about Chicago. With an average of 15 hours of sunlight, it can be hard to get anything productive done. My Resurgence case is about the only thing that I can count on to get me though these long summer days.

My typical Chicago summer day usually starts with packing a bag with all the essentials I need (because I know it’ll be hours before I make it back home.) Phone, keys, wallet, water, sunglasses, sunblock, and of course, a fully-charged Resurgence case.


I start every day with an iced coffee from one of my favorite local coffee shops. From there, I like to just wing it and see where the day takes me.


About a month ago, Chicago opened The 606. It’s Chicago’s newest green space project that converted the old Bloomingdale Line railroad tracks into an elevated pathway. The 2.7-mile trail connects four of the west side neighborhoods with a beautiful path surrounded by trees and numerous parks. Since its opening, I’ve spent almost every day running or riding my bike on the trail. On this day, I decided to walk it, taking in the sunshine and snapping some photos.


On foot is usually the slowest way to get around Chicago in the summer, but it’s definitely the most scenic. It gives me the chance to get lost on purpose. Discover a new spot I’ve never shot or to just stop and people watch for hours. Knowing that I don’t have to stop and charge up my phone lets me discover more and more of this city every day.


A Chicago summer isn’t summer without a trip to the beach. The stretch of sand between Fullerton and North Ave Beach is where I spend a lot of time.


With a view like this, would you really want to head indoors to charge your phone? My Resurgence case lets me enjoy my #ChicagoSummer much longer.



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Steven Sampang

Steven Sampang

Born and raised in southern California, I started taking black and white photo classes in high school where I found an appreciation for the creative, yet technical process of bringing my visions to life. After working my first job as a photo editor in a portrait studio in central Illinois, I moved to Chicago to pursue a degree in Digital Photography at Harrington College of Design.

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