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12/28/2012 – Holiday Decoration Storing Tips

The holiday decorations were awesome, buddy. But let’s not be “that guy” again this year. Y’know – the one who has his darn decorations up until Easter? Yer good at storin’ yer guns, yer campin’ equipment and yer fishin’ tackle – whaddya say ya store yer holiday decorations a little better this year? Here are some websites that can help.

And don’t forget, OtterBox is givin’ away a free Monster Bucks DVD when you buy a Realtree camo case through 12/31!

12/25/2012 – Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas ya’ll! Before ya head out to the local buffet for yer big family dinner, download this here wallpaper and dress me up real nice.

12/23/2012 – Protect yer tech in the wilderness

Let’s face it, us country boys seem to be a little, oh what’re the words – accident prone – sometimes. Don’t believe me? Check out the YouTube link below. Knowin’ how hard you are on yerself makes me think about my safety too. I thought you might like the other link below too. It’s about how to properly set up a tree stand. It’ll keep you safer, and if you or yer buddies want to do the same fer yer phones then wrap us in an OtterBox before you head into the wild!

Redneck Fails

How to Set Up a Tree Stand 

12/20/2012 – Tech gifts with fast shipping

Ya know what rhymes with “redneck”?… “tech” – well sorta. Anyhoo just because we like the outdoors don’t mean we don’t have no appreciation for some high tech now, does it? Here’s a link to a site that has great tech for the country boys you know, and they can rush shipping for you too.

12/13/2012 – Tech gift guide for the family

Just because we like muddin’ and rompin’ in the backcountry don’t mean we don’t like our gadgets too. Here’s some links to e-lec-tronic toys and gizmos you and your family will love. Just be careful of what you give uncle Clem. He and anything with radio waves don’t git along so good ever since he signed up for that science experiment in the 80’s.

12/6/2012 – Tie tyin’ tips

Tie Tying tips

Let’s face it, every good ol’ country boy can tie some killer knots. You’ve tied deer to dang near every part of a pickup, you’ve tied rope swings to trees down by the crick, and you’ve tied your buddy to a tree and covered him in honey. Well with holiday parties right around the corner, there’s one more thing you better be ready to tie… an actual tie. Here’s a nice little video that will walk you through it. Yeah, he talks funny, but it’s nice and slow so even your cousin with the eyes that are really far apart can keep up. If yer into readin’ head on over to the tie-a-tie website.

11/22/2012 – Best deal apps

Listen here, friend. Tomorrow’s Black Friday and let’s be honest – it’s gonna be ugly. The time to find the best deals isn’t at 4:00am when you’re tryin’ to avoid bein’ trampled by a crowd of people who resemble a herd of water buffalo. The time to look for the best deals is now. Check out these here links and apps to give you an edge on the competition.

The Black Friday

Black Friday apps for iOS n Android

BestBuy app for iOS n Android

11/15/2012 – Redneck huntin’ apps

Howdy there partner. Who’d-a-thunk the nerds we used to beat up at school would be useful fer something other that doin’ our homework? Well, check this out. It’s a link to 10 apps that will turn you from plain ol’ hunter into Ted freakin’ Nugent. It ain’t just technology. It’s technolo-gee-whiz!

And when yer not shootin’ Bambi’s mom for real, here’s a way to stay sharp in the off-season no matter if you’re on iOS or Android.

11/8/2012 – Clayton the Country Boy gets ya organized

It ain’t easy stayin’ organized when yer a good ol’ country boy. Most times the only thing we can keep track of is the vehicle in the front yard and that’s only because it’s on blocks! Well, it don’t get any easier during the holidays, let me tell ya. You need to make sure you get somethin’ fer everyone, which is hard to keep straight with everyone having two first names and all!

Well, I’m here to help. These links and apps will help you keep all yer gifts straight this year, even for your uncles who are younger than you!

These apps are smokin’. Like yer sister 😉

Check out this one from Amazon. (the website, not the river.)

How’s an iPhone like yer cousin Cletus? They both just have one i. Here are some Iphone apps.

11/1/2012 – Hey ya’ll. It’s yer phone.

Us good ol’ boys need to stick together through the holidays. From sports to huntin’ to gift shoppin’ to celebratin’, there’s a lot to keep track of. Howdy, friend. I’m Clayton. I’m a country boy to the bone. When I’m not repeatin’ a grade, or polishin’ my gun collection, or provin’ that if it’s got wheels we can race it – I’ll be helpin’ you with gift shoppin’ organizers, holiday tips, sports times, huntin’ apps and games, and tons more. I just might be yer most valuable buddy (second to your huntin’ dog) this season. Now listen, you and I both know every time you say, “Betcha I can.” it ends with you on the way to the ER, so think about doin’ us both a favor and wrap me in an OtterBox.

In addition to avoidin’ usin’ the letter “g” here’s what I dig:

  • Huntin’
  • Drinkin’
  • Dancin’
  • Fightin’
  • Eatin’
  • Gamblin’
  • 4 Wheelin’
  • Dirt Bikin’
  • Racin’
  • Watchin’ racin’
  • Not annunciatin’

If you want to subscribe to my holiday tips or to find out about some of my friends, head over to our home page!

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