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Oh the joys of dorm life. Or life with roommates. Sharing tiny spaces and lacking time or interest in cooking, how do you go about getting started and interested in cooking? In college, I remember eating tons of Top Ramen, Kraft Mac & Cheese and my regular standby was the $10.00 delivery single topping pizza that lasted for dinner, breakfast and lunch the next day.

Since my time in college was quite a while ago, I did a little Google searching and found some fun stuff that’s more relatable to those of you heading off to college this fall.

This article from Delish has great advice on basics and some really good recipes that would be easy to use as a base and make an endless list of variations. delivers up 109 recipes in the College Budget Cookbook. The list is full of variety including Mexican Hot Dogs, Nacho Casserole, Beer Ramen and Microwaved Scrambled Eggs with Cheese for One.

What are good basics to know when first out on your own and cooking for yourself? Well, if you want to make pasta, you’re going to need to know how to boil water. Leave it to the Dummies to have the perfect online answer.

One of my favorite things when I was first living on my own at college was that I could buy any kind of cereal I wanted. I grew up eating only Cheerios and Corn Flakes. When I was on my own I indulged and bought Cap’n Crunch and Pops on a regular basis. I also dabbled with Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops and Honey Combs.

One point of advice I’d give those of you starting out in your own kitchens is to find a good cookbook and follow the directions for each recipe to a T. Over time, you’ll learn the basics and how to change things up to your liking. My favorite cookbook of all time is The Joy of Cooking. has a great article for beginner cooks. But the thing that’s awesome for all of you heading off on your own this fall, is everything is on the web. Way back when I went to college, access to information wasn’t even close to being instantaneous. Have a blast looking up new things and trying them out. Now’s the time to have fun and figure out what it is you like.

Do you have any favorite college recipes? Share them in the comments below!

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